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14 September 2012

Garden Child update

Wow, it's been a while since I posted a new or updated cross stitch picture.  Since DD left for Uni I've needed something to keep me busy - or perhaps even to keep me awake in the early evenings!  I've been working on Garden Child a piece by White Willow Stitching and based on the art of Monte Moore. I am determined to finish this piece!

I'm going to work on it for a little while tonight while watching Midsomer Murders.  There are a lot of colour changes but it's a challenging stitch.

12 September 2012

The Chat

Well, I managed to make it to the chat but I couldn't actually chat only listen.  LOL, Gordon and Ilona are SO funny!  Katie and Nalini were good too.  It was an interesting chat.  Glad I took the time to attend.

09 September 2012

Live chat with great authors!

If you love paranormal/urban fantasy you'll LOVE to know about the chat happening this Tuesday at 3pm with Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh and Katie Macalister. 

Ilona Andrews is the author of one of my favourite series - the Kate Daniels series.  The other two ladies are great readers whose books also grace my many bookcases.  You can read about the chat over at Ilona's website/blog.  I subscribed to the email list and there are some great posts.

07 September 2012

Life and mumblings

DD came home for a day last weekend.  It was the Labour Day holiday here in the US last weekend.  DD had started her job in the cafeteria at school and it was her weekend to work so she couldn't come home until the Sunday.  I had to work and she didn't get off until 3.30pm in the afternoon.  Made for a long day.  I also had to work Monday - got home, went shopping (for hours it seemed!), had dinner, drove her back (rather hubby did and I rode along) and drove back.  Just got back in time to drop into bed so I could get up at 2.40am in the morning for work :(

Did all right all week and now feeling rather melancholy again :( :( 

On a good note - booked my trip and will be winging my way to London next month :) :)

I am updating 100 book challenge page and below another lighthouse pic.  This one is of South Haven Lighthouse.  It sits at the end of a small pier off the main beach.  Sad to say it has been vandalised.  Some people have no idea of history at all.