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10 May 2014


It was beautiful outside today.  I actually went out in the garden and took a couple of pics.  I miss taking pictures.  I admit that I haven't done a lot of it over the winter.  There is a bird in our nest again.  This is the third year that a bird has made its home in the nest close to our house.  Last year I got some wonderful pictures of the baby birds.  This bird seems a little shy.  Every time I go our there to snap a picture it seems to take off!

I'm not good at kinds of birds not sure what kind this is.

Also got a nice close up of a bee landing on a dandelion.  The dandelions will all be gone tomorrow - at least for a few days - as oldest DS will be out mowing.

09 May 2014

Long time no write

It's been a long time.  Just been in the dumps.  Am going to see if I can get moving again and start more crafting again.  Lately I seem to be acquiring new craft items rather than using them. 

Spring has finally sprung and things are looking up