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27 February 2013

Another Happy Pic... go along with a moany post.  I took the below pic at Lake Michigan last year - soooo cute!

Now for the moaning....

Got my paperwork from work today for medical leave for surgery.  Would have got it yesterday but they sent it registered mail and the postman didn't knock so had to go pick it up.  It's a little confusing.  I've never done anything like this before - especially taking leave from work - so I hope I do it right.  Some of it made me LOL as it has a job description in there which - among other things - says I occasionally have to talk or hear which is crazy as I have to answer phones and deal with customers.  It also says that the office is quiet - anything but as it is small and has all the computer bits in it so very noisy - and secluded.  Really?  They must be thinking I work somewhere else. 

It also said that I was standing 71% of time, walking 20 % and 8 % sitting BUT I could do 50% of my job sitting.  Yeah, not sure who would stand around waiting to help me with the other 50%.  LOL.  Think it's their way of making things so confusing you'll mess it up completely.

Oh well - here's to paperwork!  I have to drop off at Drs to get him to fill out part too. :)

26 February 2013

Is it Spring yet?

I took this picture last year of a bird nesting close to our house.  Not sure what kind of bird it is, but sorting through pictures last week and this reminded me of Spring.

The Groundhog said Spring was on its way, but you'd never know it to look outside.  We are under another Winter Weather Advisory with up to 9 inches of snow perhaps by morning.  I'm hoping this is one of the times the weather people get it wrong - but I'm not holding my breath :(

25 February 2013

Fun day off - NOT!

I have a Monday off work.  Not to do anything fun.  I have to go to the dentist to have a bridge put in.  Takes about 2 hours.  I will have to have a temporary one put in and then in a couple weeks a permanent one.  Have to have it done today so I can get the permanent one done before my surgery - I have that appointment day before ankle surgery.  Yuck!

24 February 2013

Times gone a-flying again!

WoW  time has flown AGAIN!

I haven't updated in a while.  When I'm using Internet Explorer Blogger keeps crashing on me and the site won't even load.  When i use Firefox I couldn't sign in - something to do with cookies.  I think I've finally got it figured out!

I'll certainly have more time to update.  I found out a couple weeks ago that I will be having surgery on my ankle and will be off work for a while.

Last Spring I sprained my ankle, twisting it on a small (think four/five inches) pothole at the bottom of the back steps.  This was not the first time I have done this.  About ten years ago I did the same thing, same ankle.  It wasn't so bad that time - or I was just younger and healed easier.

Anyway I have had 2 x-rays, 1 MRI, been in a fracture boot, an ankle brace, been to Physical Therapy and am now having Posterior Tibial tendon debridement.  Fun, fun, fun.  It will take place on March 15th. 

I am books and projects to keep me busy.

Just lately I have really become interested in mixed media art and zentangle.  I'm hoping to share some adventures online.  :)