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04 January 2014


I know it's only January 4th but can I say I'm already tired of snow and winter?  I keep reminding myself that the days are getting longer, but I am so tired of cold and snow.  My hubby always tells me that we haven't had a 'real' winter in Michigan for a while, but I'm happy with that.  I don't know why I ever agreed to move here with all the snow and cold.

Daughter had come home for a couple weeks for the holidays and decided to head back to Uni today - good thing too.  Tomorrow we are under a Winter Storm Warning.  We took her off and she had to pick up a couple things at a well-known local grocery store as she hadn't been at her flat for a couple weeks.  OMG!  You would have thought the world was ending or it was Christmas!  The queues were ridiculous and some of the aisles were empty of food.  The meat department was almost stripped bare as was bread aisle. 

We took her out to eat and headed back  - just in time.  By the time we got back home the snow was coming down and the roads were beginning to get slippery.

Guess I'm cuddling under my blanket, watching Haven and having a beer!  Glad I don't have to work tomorrow. 

The above are a couple pictures I took after the Ice Storm a couple weeks back - snow pics will follow lol.