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31 March 2010

Had to Rush out...

...and buy the new Patricia Briggs MERCY THOMPSON novel. I couldn't wait. I had it on hold at my local B&N yesterday but it wasn't ready until after DH was already home and I was feeling too icky to go get it. Last night my sinus' started acting up - felt as though I'd inhaled water. You know the feeling...burning...caused a headache = yuck.

Anyway went to get it this morning (day off). I picked up another couple books that I'll post about later. The new Mercy Thompson was my real reason for going to the bookstore. SILVER BORNE. Read it all in one sitting. LOVED IT! I haven't picked up one of these books that I didn't like. The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the Samuel resolution (no spoilers here) but it seemed a bit quick and hurried.

The rest of the book was a delight. I loved the plot, the interaction between Mercy and Adam and the rest of the pack. I also loved the storyline about Samuel (at least until the ending).

Mercy is a coyote. Adam is alpha of the local pack of Werewolves. She seems to get in lots of trouble. In this one she is called concerning a missing friend. The Fae seem to be involved. This is a GREAT paranormal/urban fantasy read. I would recommend reading the other books first before reading this one.

That's it for now.

30 March 2010

Happy Tuesday...

...well, it's really not been a bad day so I can't complain. Whenever I think about writing this I feel I should be writing something witty and interesting. Can't really say my life is interesting (see title of this blog).

Work was uneventful. Lots of impatient people - as always. I work as a bookkeeper in a store (I do have a fancy title but it's of little importance). Basically I go in before the butt-crack of dawn (3.30am) get all the tills ready before the store opens at 6am. I watch the service desk until 7am when the person who works there comes in and then I go do my balancing, paperwork (a LOT of it) and am basically on call for all kinds of problems and stuff until a manager comes in. I deal with too many impatient people, get paid a pittance (literally) and come away tired and grumpy. But, hey, a job is a job and here in Michigan where we have one of the highest - if not highest - unemployment rate in the country I'm not going to complain. Especially as I get paid holidays, insurance isn't too much and I am one of only 3 people in our store who can do my job. The others are part-timers who are my back-ups and can do the basics. I am replacable and I know it - so not boasting here.

I got my DVD in the post today from Netflix. Coronation Street - a celebration of 40 years. For those of you who aren't English Coronation Street is a soap that I grew up with. There were lots of familiar characters and a good laugh in general. Sadly my kids who grew up here in the States didn't know what I was laughing at. Even now on my yearly trip home to England I always watch Coronation Street and Eastenders (another favourite).

29 March 2010

Spring Break...

Well it's Spring Break for DD who is in High School. I took an extra day off so I don't feel like such a terrible Mum. Glad I did now - still feeling icky. It doesn't help that there are lots of Easter Lillies around in the shops. I'm allergic to them - give me a terrible headache, stuffy nose and watery eyes - on top of the cold I already have it's like a double whammy.

I'm posting a new pic for GARDEN CHILD (stitching). I have done a little more, but it's the latest picture I have. Also read another book or two.

27 March 2010


....and with it the requisite spring cold. I've been feeling icky the last few days. Of course this was bound to happen as a) I had two days in a row off work and b) I had plans. The weather outside is gorgeous, a little cold, but it's nice to see the sun. I wish that I wasn't feeling as stuffy and ache-y (is that a word??) as I do.

I've been reading a lot - buying way too many books - some I've added to the read list. I really should keep up on that better so I can remind myself how many books I've read and how many I still have to read. Maybe I should make a to-read list as well. I've been listening to some audio books while at work. I ordered some from I've listened to a couple of Janet Evanovich at work - at least they make me LOL.

I do have an update on the stitching. Hopefully I'll upload it tomorrow. I haven't been working much on it. I did finish another page. I just feel kinda icky and not in the mood to stitch.

On a good note - I booked my trip home to England. Can't wait to leave (mid-May) and really, really need a holiday.

Right now I'm watching New Moon - not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I ordered it from Netflix. So far it's okay. I'm not a big fan of the whole Twilight thing. Not really my thing - perhaps a little tame....

14 March 2010

Time Change? Can I afford to miss an hour of sleep????

I HATE the Spring forward time change. I hate giving up that extra hour of sleep. I had to work this morning so I got up before the time change as I have to be at work by 3.30am. The teenagers were still up - they had 'forgotten' about the time change. Grrrrr..... So in the blink of an eye I lost an hour. Now that I'm home from work don't have a lot of energy left. Had to go shopping today after work (just what I wanted to do) but it's out of the way and I won't have to go tomorrow after work.

Update on the stitching - I've almost finished another page. Okay, so it wasn't a very big page, but it's almost done which means I'm closer to be finished.

Update on reading - still reading SKINWALKER by Faith Hunter. It's my read-at-work book right now.

Other stuff - going to book my trip home this week. It's Mothering Sunday in England today so missing Mum and really looking forward to seeing her soon. The book purging on Ebay is going well so the spending fund is looking quite healthy.

12 March 2010

Been a while...

I haven't checked in for a while. I can't believe it's March already! All that snow in my pictures is all gone. Even the ploughed snow-pile up at the store is melting. It's been in the fifties the last couple days. We all seem to want to strip off down to shorts and tees (well not quite!) but it certainly seems a lot warmer than it has been. The only bad thing is that it has been dull and somewhat rainy. Still the winter seems to be drifting behind us - don't think it's quite done yet - but I can see the beginning of the Spring.

Been reading more than I've been stitching lately. I just seem to go through stages - reading, writing, stitching - wish I had more time to do all. I read a lot of urban fantasy/paranormal romance/mysteries. I got dragged to Barnes and Noble today (wasn't really all that reluctant) but picked up another book - Confessions of a Demon by S.L Wright and while we're on confessions I have another - I have some books on the way from Barnes and Nobles online. I was hoping they would arrive by today but apparently not until Monday.

I should make a list of what's in my to-read pile but I'm a little afraid. I admit to being a book-a-holic, I can't resist buying them. I do have to purge once in a while and am listing some on Ebay.