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29 August 2014

Got caught in a downpour...

I ran errands most of the morning. I'm trying to find a dress for a wedding I am attending while in England. I'm not really a dress sort of person and trying to shop for one is horrible. So far I have bought two skirts, one pair of trousers, one dress, three shirts and a shrug. Still not sure what I'm wearing for the wedding lol.

I decided to take a walk in the afternoon just to relax. I grabbed my camera and headed to the nature preserve. I was meandering along on my way back when it absolutely fell down with rain. I got drenched. I was hurrying back to the car and almost there when I startled a deer and it startled me! We sort of both looked at one another. The deer stopped to eat and I stopped to take pictures. Rain be damned. The deer was worth getting wet - and dirty!

I had actually seen a couple more while I was walking around the lake but they weren't close up.

16 August 2014

Card Making

I actually pulled out my card making supplies and made a couple of cards. I've got away from it in the last months. Seems like I can barely keep my head ahead above water with work and home. I really need to take some more me time. Part of the problem - I think - is that I don't have a specific place to craft so it means pulling everything out, getting started and then putting everything away again when I'm done.  Makes for a lot of sorting out and crafting minimal time and then putting things away again.

One day I will have that craft room!

06 August 2014

A Little Whine...

I've started to walk almost every day at a beautiful preserve near to where I live. There is quite clearly a large sign telling people that all dogs must be on a leash to protect the dog, wildlife and vegetation, yet everyday I walk there are some people who let their dogs run around without a leash. I know it's nice to let them off once in a while but there is a time and a place.

The beautiful deer above is just one that I've seen around the preserve. It was really, really close to me and just stood there eating food while I took pictures.

Today while out walking I saw a female deer with her two babies. So pretty.

01 August 2014

Happy Friday

I like Fridays - I don't have to work so it's always a good day lol. Usually I spend the day running errands, catching up with housework and all the fun things I don't get to do the rest of the week.

My foot has been driving me crazy this week - hurting a lot. I took a day off walking yesterday and got right back to it today. I've been walking in a place nearby. It's in the city. The place is called Asylum Lake as I guess that once-upon-a-time it was part of the Asylum for the Insane. It's a lovely place to walk. I've seen several deer as I've been out walking.

Today after my walk, I went back later in the day armed with my camera. I was lucky enough to catch a picture of a deer. I don't think it's the same one I've been seeing. The one I've seen while out on my power walks has been a doe with a couple of babies. This one looked to be alone. I got a picture - it wasn't great as the deer was across the lake on a small piece of land covered in reeds.

I also saw some kind of bird. Not up on the different kind of birds but this one was pretty big.

I like walking here. It's so peaceful even though it's in the city. There are a few people around each day - walking their dogs, jogging, walking or taking pictures. It's amazing that I've lived here this long and haven't even know it was here!!