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25 July 2013

Hubby's birthday

It was hubby's birthday last Sunday too.  He turned 50.  Daughter had planned on making him a cake.  She had all the ingredients and then the power went out!  Luckily mother in law doesn't live far away so Daughter asked if she could use MIL's kitchen.  She drove everything over there and baked the cake at her house!

It was a Stout Cake with chocolate ganache on top. First time she made it.  Turned out quite nice!

Storm came through...

Last Friday night a storm came through and knocked out our power and what not.  It hit our neighbourhood quite hard.  Luckily the power was only out for a day but the cable, internet and phone was out until Tuesday.  We were able to borrow a generator to keep the fridge and freezer going so we wouldn't lose food - we were all grateful for the cool drinks too as it was quite hot out! 

It was a tree at the top of our road that brought down the power and cable.  I heard the lightening strike and something crash - sounded horrible out there! 

There were quite a few trees down in the neighbourhood.  Luckily we only lost one tree and it happened to fall on the part of the garage hubby was already tearing down!  We do have to move the tree but thankful it didn't do any more damage!

17 July 2013

WOYWW (3rd week!)

This is my third time posting to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  While I technically don't have a workdesk (I use the dining room table) I've been joining in.  I was reading for weeks before I joined.  It's fun to see what people are working on and how their desks look.  If you haven't visited before visit the page.  Our host is Julia and her blog is a fun place to visit,

It's a REALLY hot and humid day here in Michigan.  We have a heat advisory out.  Daughter and I went out this morning - early - and it was still very hot.  Our house only has window air conditioners and they are working overtime!  Hate to see the electric bill when it comes.

Anyway here's what's on my desk.  I pulled out a card to work on.  I love these stamps - so much fun!  I also gave my copics another try.  Apparently I used the wrong kind of stamp pad last time and everything seemed to have run!  This time is working a little better.

I have my dylusions paints out as I was working on the Find Your Voice workshop too.  I love these!

The next pile is what daughter and I got when we went to Joann's.  They have a 20% off your purchase (sale and clearance items included) and as daughter is a student at Michigan State we decided to take advantage of sale.

The rest is just part of the mess I need to take care of!  These hot days seem to make me so sleepy.  

13 July 2013

Find Your Voice Workshop - week 3

Wow I can't believe I'm actually keeping up with this lol.  Usually I'm not so good at goals in my creative life.  I think it's because I'm trying to reach goals at work and home and - as usual I put myself lower down on the list.

This week was all about What Are Your Goals?  Well, so far I'm doing well on my goal - I'm actually keeping up lol.  My other goals are telling stories that were passed down to me and those of my younger self.  I want to put down on paper my memories and my stories.  I'm good at taking pictures but putting them in something and following through on the story isn't something I tend to do much - life seems to get in the way.

The creative prompt this week was to create something to make you happy.  I chose to create some journal pages.  My daughter helped with the first -- quite funny as she doesn't consider herself artsy anymore - back when she was younger she was and she enjoying creating art.

I enjoyed doing these as they are colourful,. messy, creative, using new techniques and just plain make me feel good lol.

I took it a little further with the next page and added the pictures and journaling.  The place below is one of my favourite places to visit in Ipswich.  It's just plain beautiful and peaceful and it's certainly a place that makes me feel happy and relaxed.

I do need to find some theme because as of now my ideas are flitting all over the place!

10 July 2013


Well, it's a mess.  The dining room table is being more crafty than a place where we sit and eat. 

The last pictures are done with my new Dylusions spray paint.  I LOVE them!  They are so much fun.  I think I'm going to use these are journal pages.  I have a couple book binding books and would love to figure out to bind several of them in a book.  I have some of the Dylusion stamps on order so can't wait to start using them!

Bird is back

The nest that was occupied last summer is finally occupied again!  I thought I saw a bird in there this spring but it's been empty for a couple months now.  However the other day when I was out in the garden I took a look and it seemed like the nest was built up a little and yesterday when I looked there was a bird inside!

06 July 2013

Find Your Voice - Blog 2

This is my project from this one.  This week was all about who you are.  I guess the project I did goes hand in hand with my 'story' for this week. 

This one was really difficult for me because, to be honest, I'm not sure who I am anymore.  Somewhere along the way I think I've sort of lost myself and this workshop is (hopefully) a way to find myself back to me.  Sounds corny huh? 

The obvious things when I think of who I am are these - wife, mother, daughter, worker, crafter, reader, writer.  I see myself as the picture shows me - just a shadow.  It could be a midlife crisis lol.  I find myself wanting more than running around on a wheel like a hamster.  A neighbour/old friend passed away recently and it was after a sudden illness.  It makes me think that there must to be something more, that life isn't just about work and money and not taking time to enjoy.  The things I used to enjoy I find that I don't have time or energy for.  My job leaves me feeling tired and drained and I seem to have no energy when I get home.  Some of that may have to do with the caffeine I so insanely decided to give up after my surgery lol.  I am working on the job thing and hope to have a solution by summer's end. 

I have to admit to not being very confident - which may have something to do with the shadow too.  With this post I am really taking a leap though it seems like a small thing.  I like creating things and I like writing too but I rarely show anyone in my circle the things I make - except maybe on my blog.  That's part of why I enjoy blogging - it's anonymous.  

The me I would like to be would be confident and wouldn't care what other people thought of my creations.  I would be the woman wearing flamboyant colours and not caring what other people were saying.  I would have the confidence to be a little more selfish and think about me and what I needed more often rather than always thinking of what others needed.  I have to learn to relax and have fun and not think of time.  The me I'm looking for would be more like the girl I used to be.

03 July 2013

WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) - 1st timer lol

This is my first time posting to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW - though I have been visiting the other sites for a while.  I don't actually have a workdesk per say.  I work on the dining room table.  It seems like I'm the only one who must be doing that lol.  Most of the sites I visit people seem to have some really nice craft rooms - I WISH!!  Someday perhaps.  My 'kids' are all still home.  They are all young adults who haven't seem to have flown the nest yet.  Daughter (youngest) is the closest to leaving - she's in Uni in another city) but home for the summer and though she plans on leaving for an apartment at the end of August her room at home will still be full of her stuff. 

Anyway here's the mess that is my table and the things I'm working on.

The above is the cover of my 'About Me' book.  This is the same book that has the washi tape edges (as described in previous post).   BTW there is a bigger mess around that top picture - I was just being nice by not including it lol. 

02 July 2013

More pictures from my life

I have been doing good taking 5 pictures a day for  my Find Your Voice workshop.  I got the second week assignment yesterday and hope to work on it tomorrow as I have a (busy) day off.

These are some pics from yesterday - I went out in the garden to see what I could see.