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06 July 2013

Find Your Voice - Blog 2

This is my project from this one.  This week was all about who you are.  I guess the project I did goes hand in hand with my 'story' for this week. 

This one was really difficult for me because, to be honest, I'm not sure who I am anymore.  Somewhere along the way I think I've sort of lost myself and this workshop is (hopefully) a way to find myself back to me.  Sounds corny huh? 

The obvious things when I think of who I am are these - wife, mother, daughter, worker, crafter, reader, writer.  I see myself as the picture shows me - just a shadow.  It could be a midlife crisis lol.  I find myself wanting more than running around on a wheel like a hamster.  A neighbour/old friend passed away recently and it was after a sudden illness.  It makes me think that there must to be something more, that life isn't just about work and money and not taking time to enjoy.  The things I used to enjoy I find that I don't have time or energy for.  My job leaves me feeling tired and drained and I seem to have no energy when I get home.  Some of that may have to do with the caffeine I so insanely decided to give up after my surgery lol.  I am working on the job thing and hope to have a solution by summer's end. 

I have to admit to not being very confident - which may have something to do with the shadow too.  With this post I am really taking a leap though it seems like a small thing.  I like creating things and I like writing too but I rarely show anyone in my circle the things I make - except maybe on my blog.  That's part of why I enjoy blogging - it's anonymous.  

The me I would like to be would be confident and wouldn't care what other people thought of my creations.  I would be the woman wearing flamboyant colours and not caring what other people were saying.  I would have the confidence to be a little more selfish and think about me and what I needed more often rather than always thinking of what others needed.  I have to learn to relax and have fun and not think of time.  The me I'm looking for would be more like the girl I used to be.


  1. Sharon, I am in the same boat and still struggling with lesson 2. I'm also struggling with finding a me that isn't just Mommy. Hang in there and I admire your bravery by posting this!

  2. Your honesty is touching! Usually I only read stuff like this in my own journals :) Exploring our struggles is the next best thing to figuring it all out, I think. At least if you're thinking about how you can make it better, you're one step closer!