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30 June 2013

More Find Your Voice...

My day in five pictures - after an 8 hour work day!

Watching a couple episodes on DVD.

Book I'm currently reading

Went to Michaels at 4pm - they had a get 40% of your regular purchase special.  I picked up an extended cutting pads for my Sizzix and some things for my Find Your Voice project folder.  I'm going to try making a chipboard album - something different and new!

The rainy view out the back window.  DH cooked on the grill but got soaked in the process!

Our desktop.  DD had upgraded it with new video card and power supply and when we had storms the other day she shut it down - it wouldn't turn on again!  Today DS figured out it was the new power supply so they took it out, put the old graphics card in and DD will have to send power supply back where she purchased it from.  She had upgraded it for her SIMS game.  Glad it wasn't anything more than power supply!  Have only had this computer since New Year.  We only bought it to play games on - we have our laptops for other stuff.

That's my life in a nutshell!  


29 June 2013


I started this workshop this week.  I'm going to try my hardest to finish it.  I did do the worksheets

I also did a couple of the creative prompts.    The first was to create a project that represents you at the beginning of your journey.  I created an art piece - I'm not that good at it so bear with me lol.  The piece includes clocks which represent the time management issue I have and how I always feel like time is running out and I don't have enough of it.  There is a Union Jack flag representing my heritage that I feel such a pull too and feel so far away.  The question marks represent what is missing.  I'm not sure where I'm going or the journey I'm going to take. 

This was quite a difficult project to think about.  I was trying to get all my feelings down on the paper.  This project isn't something I've told my family about - not hiding it either - but I didn't pull out my paints and get sloppy.  I should have probably prepped my album but I haven't entirely thought about what I'm going to do this in.  I felt this piece best represents me.

I have started the third prompt which is to take 5 pictures a day.  I'll share those another day.

28 June 2013

Washi Tape and cheap notebook

I saw this interesting idea on a blog so I thought I'd give it a try.  I've been thinking about doing a 'Me' journal.  Someone I knew passed away recently.  She wasn't a lot older than me and had a son the same age as my middle son.  It got me thinking about what I'd want my kids to know about me and my childhood.  My kids are actually young adults now and they don't really think about their parents' history but if they are anything like me they'll find an interest later.  I always hope my Mum will write down some of her memories as she has such great ones - she was a young child in the war in England and can remember some of that time.  I think of all the things she has lived through and all the great stories she has inside her.

Anyway, I am digressing here.  I found this idea with a cheap notebook (I paid .97 cents but you can find these cheaper once the back-to-school sales start).  I got some washi tape - not a lot to be found around here - and gave it a shot.  I have posted the website just below here where I got the idea from and then some of my pictures.

Washi Tape Journal

26 June 2013

Find Your Voice Summer Workshop - free!

I was reading a blog I visit sometimes and the woman who writes it was talking about this workshop called Find Your Voice.  I decided to check into it and I signed up to do it!  We'll see how well I can keep up with it.  I really need to find some inspiration in my journals.  I have some decisions in life to make and finding my inner voice might help!

Check out the link below and see if you're interested in it.  The workshop is free

25 June 2013

Sizzix Big Kick machine

I treated myself last week to a Sizzix Big Kick machine.  I went back and forth between this and the Cuttlebug but decided on the Big Kick because it seemed a little less confusing.  The Cuttlebug seemed to have different plates and such and the Big Kick had one plate with different tabs.  My poor confused mind found this easier.  I also liked the idea that it could work with any die cut/embossing folders.  I wasn't too sure about the Cuttlebug - seemed there was something else you had to buy separately in order for other company's dies/embossing folders to work with it.

Today I got to unpack my machine

It is quite heavy.  I was looking for a Big Shot but couldn't seem to find out.  This definitely seems sturdy and I like it.

I purchased a couple Tim Holtz embossing folders.  I gave them a try and used the distress inks to colour.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them!  Lol.

I also bought a flip it Square die cut.  I was a little confused as to how to fold the card, but I looked on YouTube and I think I'm got it right!

The only thing I'm not sure of is that the cutting pads are getting marks on them already!  It seems this is supposed to happen - ah the joys of the Internet!  I think there is a pad I can buy that helps with this!  The first time I tried making the above card it cut right through the paper where there were supposed to be scores.  The second time I put an extra piece of card and it helped.

22 June 2013


Just one of those days :(

20 June 2013

Retirement Card

A birdy at work told me today that one of our work friends is retiring tomorrow!  We knew she was retiring at the beginning of July but she's had enough and has decided to take her holiday pay next week so tomorrow will be her last day.  She is always good for a laugh.  I will miss her.  I made her a quick card.  I think she'll find it funny!

19 June 2013

A card for a work friend

It was my day off today - had a really bad day at work yesterday - so I was glad for a day off.  Once a year we have an audit at work.  Yesterday was our day.  I've only been back a week and off for three months.  Let's just say it wasn't good.  It doesn't matter that I've been off.  I expect we'll be having another one soon.

Today I took my MIL and daughter over to Hobby Lobby.  Spent waaayy too much.  I treated myself to a sizzix machine which should be arriving within a couple days and Hobby Lobby had their Sizzix stuff on sale so I bought a couple.

I did come home and make a card for a work friend.  Hope she'll find it funny.

I tried out my copics on one image but they didn't work well - bled - so I'll have to look at which ink pad doesn't bleed.  I ended up using coloured pencils.

18 June 2013

Another visit from the deer

We had another visit from the deer... or at least another deer.  I was sitting in the living room and happened to look out the window to see the deer eating at our neighbour's bushes!  What a lovely sight.  They are such majestic creatures!

12 June 2013

Back to work

Well, I went back to work.  I'm wearing my fracture boot to start off.  I hate the thing.  Here's a little whine now.... I wore it last summer, wore it some more last Autumn, then after the surgery for four weeks and I was hoping to be done with it.  It's heavy and hot and horrible to wear for eight hours.  BUT the other alternative is a swollen and painful ankle.  I'm going to wear it for a week or so and then see how I do at work without it.  I am trying to sit as much as possible and I'm not on my feet as much as I was. 

How's work?  There is so much to do!  It's audit season again so every week we're on edge waiting to see if the auditor will show up.  The work is waaaay behind and I don't think there's a way to catch up with some things.  If the auditor shows up at this point we will fail.  My backups did a good job considering they are both new to it, but's so overwhelming.  I am hoping to go part time before the summer is over.  I liked the way I was feeling when I was off work - I wasn't tired or stressed or overwhelmed.  I've only been back a week and I can already feel it all creeping up on me again.

Hey - that's enough of the whine!  I have a day off today and hope to do some crafty things so hopefully I can share later :)

05 June 2013

Back Garden

We live in the city and this is what my son saw when he went outside a few minutes ago.  How beautiful!

04 June 2013

Sad News

Great Aunt Betty whose 97th birthday we just celebrated a couple weeks ago passed away at home yesterday.  She was a great lady.  The last time I saw her she was poorly in bed.  As I said goodbye to her that day she gave me a cheeky wink.  I was thinking then what a woman she must have been in her heyday. 

Sadly there have been some arguments in the family.  She wasn't a poor woman and already people are jumping in trying to grab what they can from her.  They couldn't even wait until she passed away.  She had taken care of everything in a will so hopefully her wishes will prevail.  I am having a hard time understanding why people cannot honour her wishes. 

Her husband died many years ago - before I married into the family.  She was his second wife and although they had no children together, he had children with his first wife.  When he passed away he left most of his money to Aunt Betty, his wife.  That's the reason they are arguing.  My father-in-law's father was Aunt Betty's younger brother. 

I was honoured to have known Aunt Betty.  She was a truly wonderful lady and will be missed. Drinks up for Aunt Betty!