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29 June 2013


I started this workshop this week.  I'm going to try my hardest to finish it.  I did do the worksheets

I also did a couple of the creative prompts.    The first was to create a project that represents you at the beginning of your journey.  I created an art piece - I'm not that good at it so bear with me lol.  The piece includes clocks which represent the time management issue I have and how I always feel like time is running out and I don't have enough of it.  There is a Union Jack flag representing my heritage that I feel such a pull too and feel so far away.  The question marks represent what is missing.  I'm not sure where I'm going or the journey I'm going to take. 

This was quite a difficult project to think about.  I was trying to get all my feelings down on the paper.  This project isn't something I've told my family about - not hiding it either - but I didn't pull out my paints and get sloppy.  I should have probably prepped my album but I haven't entirely thought about what I'm going to do this in.  I felt this piece best represents me.

I have started the third prompt which is to take 5 pictures a day.  I'll share those another day.


  1. I really love your page! Are you putting it into an album that you are already working on?

  2. Thank you so much! I'm not sure yet. I'm hoping to put all the Find Your Voice works into something though I haven't made my mind up yet.