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30 August 2011


I have an extra day off this week YES! so DD and I decided to take a drive and take some pics.  We drove nowhere in particular, just stopping when it took our fancy.  We didn't go too far, but managed to see some lovely scenery.  It was very relaxing and fun to take pictures.  I enjoy photography.  I think I'm going to make a plan to go out and take pictures more often.

27 August 2011

Who Knew???

That the Goodwill store would be so hopping on a Saturday morning!!!!

There's quite a nice Goodwill (charity shop) on the other side of town.  As DD and I were out and about we decided to stop in.  The car park was full - should have been a sign there - and once we got inside there was a queue down the aisle!  I usually go there for the books (what else?? lol) but I didn't find anything I could live without - or stand in the long queue for.  DD looks at clothes.  Once or twice she's found something nice there.

Anyway we left empty handed. 

Hubby and the DSs are going out this afternoon - shooting at a friend's house.  DD and I are going to the theatre to see Sunset Blvd.  Haven't seen that one before so should be a couple hours out.

23 August 2011


The mess must have had something to do with the pics I added for Saturday's post.  I removed them and everything is back to normal.  I guess I might try to repost the pics - perhaps the sizing was wrong. 

Happy again :)

22 August 2011


Either Blogger is having problems or I've done something to my blog and I don't know how to fix it!!!

When I view my blog all the things I usually see at the side are at the bottom of the page, but when I go to layout it shows them all where they should be. Grrrrr....

I've been sorting out some finished, but unframed stitching I was hoping to post photos of but I don't want to mess anything else up!

20 August 2011

Saturday post...

I find myself with a couple days off work in a row and lots of plans when I start out, but I have a problem following through on them. I end up getting distracted and the days have passed and I haven't done a lot of anything - certainly nothing on my list.

I was hoping to take a drive today to the lake and take some pics. My friend reminded me (on Thursday) that I had booked senior pictures for DD today - was I still going? I didn't want to back out so that's what DD and I did today. My friend's son is a senior this year too so we figured we'd get them done together. She also decided to have her family pics done today too. It's quite a task to undertake - she has 6 kids. They range in age from 19 to 2 and include a set of twins. Phew. They are a LOT of work. She's a great Mum. She and her DH have been together for 20+ years. She started out really young - had her oldest when she was 17. My friend graduated high school and became an RN. Her husband works 6-7 days a week. She proved all the nay-sayers wrong. Her and her hubby have done it without any financial help from government.

Anyway ---- diverting here. Day started out not too bad and we took some pics outside but then started pouring down so we ended up in a local hospital's indoor garden. Quite nice. It just took longer than I thought and by the time we were done it was well into the day. DD has been saving for a new phone and I loaned her the remaining money so we went to buy it today as on sale. Day almost over.

I did sort through some pics and found all sorts from when the kids were little. I also found some pics (below) that I keep hoping to frame. I have stitching (pics to follow) that needs to be framed too. I'm not so sure how to go about framing pieces myself, can't find suitable frames and professional framing seems like it would cost a lot.

This one is called Triskele Hares and is by Hannah Willows. I purchased it in England.

This one is by Jessica Galbreth and is called All Hallow's Eve.

I'm not sure about this one. I think I purchased it at a Renaissance Faire a few years ago.

19 August 2011

Good News...

My DD passed her driving test! So happy. She failed the first time (on parking) and was really, really nervous this time, but hubby called and said she'd passed. I was at home biting my nails and trying to keep busy.

So... hello to even higher insurance costs and the partial loss of my car (it's the one she's going to be driving).

18 August 2011

Daughter's been busy...

This dessert was utterly yummy. It disappeared very quickly from our house. Oldest DS liked it so much he's requested it this weekend at his birthday family get-together.

16 August 2011

Sort of update

Yikes...been a while again...lots to report, but short post today.

My oldest turns 22 today! Where have the years gone? Feeling a little down as this is the first year I haven't seen him on his brithday. I know I have to let go at some point, but it does sting a little. It would help if he was off doing something fun. He's not. He's off school for the summer and working for my DH's company. He's out of town on a job. He leaves Sundays and comes back on Thursdays. So he's stuck in a hotel w/no transportation - nothing fun to do after work. Sigh.