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20 August 2011

Saturday post...

I find myself with a couple days off work in a row and lots of plans when I start out, but I have a problem following through on them. I end up getting distracted and the days have passed and I haven't done a lot of anything - certainly nothing on my list.

I was hoping to take a drive today to the lake and take some pics. My friend reminded me (on Thursday) that I had booked senior pictures for DD today - was I still going? I didn't want to back out so that's what DD and I did today. My friend's son is a senior this year too so we figured we'd get them done together. She also decided to have her family pics done today too. It's quite a task to undertake - she has 6 kids. They range in age from 19 to 2 and include a set of twins. Phew. They are a LOT of work. She's a great Mum. She and her DH have been together for 20+ years. She started out really young - had her oldest when she was 17. My friend graduated high school and became an RN. Her husband works 6-7 days a week. She proved all the nay-sayers wrong. Her and her hubby have done it without any financial help from government.

Anyway ---- diverting here. Day started out not too bad and we took some pics outside but then started pouring down so we ended up in a local hospital's indoor garden. Quite nice. It just took longer than I thought and by the time we were done it was well into the day. DD has been saving for a new phone and I loaned her the remaining money so we went to buy it today as on sale. Day almost over.

I did sort through some pics and found all sorts from when the kids were little. I also found some pics (below) that I keep hoping to frame. I have stitching (pics to follow) that needs to be framed too. I'm not so sure how to go about framing pieces myself, can't find suitable frames and professional framing seems like it would cost a lot.

This one is called Triskele Hares and is by Hannah Willows. I purchased it in England.

This one is by Jessica Galbreth and is called All Hallow's Eve.

I'm not sure about this one. I think I purchased it at a Renaissance Faire a few years ago.

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