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27 August 2011

Who Knew???

That the Goodwill store would be so hopping on a Saturday morning!!!!

There's quite a nice Goodwill (charity shop) on the other side of town.  As DD and I were out and about we decided to stop in.  The car park was full - should have been a sign there - and once we got inside there was a queue down the aisle!  I usually go there for the books (what else?? lol) but I didn't find anything I could live without - or stand in the long queue for.  DD looks at clothes.  Once or twice she's found something nice there.

Anyway we left empty handed. 

Hubby and the DSs are going out this afternoon - shooting at a friend's house.  DD and I are going to the theatre to see Sunset Blvd.  Haven't seen that one before so should be a couple hours out.

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