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22 March 2012


Is it really only March????  Here in Michigan we are all sweating as the temperatures heat up.  It has been so hot here the last week people have been running their air conditioning!  We have been in the 70s, 80s F (25-29C)for the last week or more and before that in the mid 60s to 70s (18,19C).  Our average temperature for this time of year is 9C or 48F. 

A lot of people have been turning on the air conditioning.  Despite the sweltering heat I refuse to turn it on.  We've opened windows and turned on some fans, but our air conditioners are window units that we take out during the winter.  It will get cooler again and I want to be able to shut the windows to conserve on heating costs.  It's been hard to sleep at night and it feels like the middle of June/July instead of March.  I've been sitting out in the garden the last couple days and even have a bit of colour. 

I must say I'm glad the snow has gone - hopefully it won't be back.  I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch (as my mother would say).  On the 5th of this month the high temperature of the day didn't even reach freezing.  In another week I'll probably be writing about a freak snow storm we've had.

Enjoy the sun! 

12 March 2012

Updated Book Challenge page

I've updated the page with a few more books.   I'm not really doing a good job keeping track and there are books I have read that I haven't added.  I'll have to remember to write down as I read - or at least keep track!

11 March 2012

Spring Cleaning

Clocks popped forward one hour this morning.  Does this mean Spring is coming?  Weather certainly seems a little brighter and warmer.  There doesn't look to be any snow on the horizon this week.  YES!

With thoughts of the warming weather comes SPRING CLEANING and perhaps decorating.  My Mum is coming from England early this summer to see my daughter graduate from High School.  It has been about 12 years since she came over to America.  We have quite a bit to do to spruce up the house before she comes.  I know she's not coming to see the house, but still....

My hubby did replace the front door and screen door and the back screen door.  Makes a whole lot of difference!  The front door has never been able to be opened from the outside - the old owners never had keys and neither did we.  We've used the back door since we came here, but I would like to use the front door.  It would be great to use the front porch for shoes in the summer instead of clogging up the space by the back door. 

The screen door on the back door looked a little worse for wear.  Our dog - when he was a puppy - used to scratch on it and over the years it has become rusted.  When hubby replaced it made the back door area look a lot fresher and nicer!

Will try to get a list of over things to do - know we have to paint, but our house is old and walls aren't straight and it's a pain. 

Enough for now...