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24 November 2013

Another week passes

Can't believe it's been a whole week!

Getting closer to Thanksgiving now and work is getting busier and it's getting colder out in the mornings!  I can''t be the only one who hates getting up early when the weather is bad.  Let's face it - I don't like getting up early on the best of days, but when the weather is colder it makes it harder than ever to get out of bed.  I have to run out the house in my PJs and start the car up so it can defrost while I'm getting ready.

Daughter will be coming home on Wednesday for a couple days - will be nice - and this is the first Thanksgiving I'll have off in eight years.  Daughter and I will be going over to MILs to help her cook.

I haven't worked on any cards this week but I did pick up a cross stitch.  I love the Gorjuss designs in general (I have some stamps and a bag with the designs on) and I found this design in a World of Cross Stitching mag so decided to take a break from card making and do some cross stitching.

This is what I've got done this week.  Quite a nice bit done actually.  Not looking forward to all the back stitching lol.

I had to share a pic of my cat, Shadow, who is missing me having the laptop and actually sat on my chair to watch me on the computer - admittedly I had food with me at the time lol.  Sometimes he's worse than the dog ever was lol

16 November 2013

MIA for a while

My poor laptop broke.  I'm lucky that we have a desktop too, but it was SO much easier sitting in my comfy chair and typing.

Well - DH and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We are planning a delayed trip next summer to a beautiful hotel up north.  We did go out with MIL & FIL for dinner.  Daughter surprised us with a trip home on our anniversary so we all sat down for an impromptu dinner with sons and daughter.

Hubby bought me some beautiful red roses and GC to my favourite places.  My Mum and sisters and their family surprised us with a beautiful bouquet and chocolate.  Such a surprise!  I cried.  It's at times like these that I really miss my family.  It was lovely that my Mum and sisters remembered.  I was over there for their 25th anniversaries and we all went out to dinner.  Lovely.

Well I did make a couple cards.  Not many more to do but am having fun with them.  I have kitted up a couple cross stitch projects too.  It's been a while since I worked on cross stitch so will make a nice change.

04 November 2013

Handmade Monday

Wow it's Monday again!  And November!  Groan.  Where did the months go?  A week after my Mum's clocks went back we did the same here in Michigan.  It is SO dark early today - yuck!  Whose bright idea was this?  My poor laptop crashed.  I am so sad :(  At least I have the old desktop to go on - not quite as comfy as my laptop.  I actually have to get up to use it lol.  The cat is not liking it!  He is used to sitting on my lap while I'm on the computer and while it's cold he puts his chin so the fan blows warm air on it!

I'm joining in Handmade Monday again this week.  Still working on cards.  I have some new ones to share.  I really have to start working on Mum's calendar. I keep saying that but still haven't started.

They were all quick and easy.  The top one I used some freebie card toppers from a Papercraft magazine.  I have now put greetings in all of my cards too.  I think I am about set.  I like the last one.  I went to Michaels the other day and found some present cards and then stamped the sentiment onto white cardstock, mounted it on a patterned paper and used some 3d tabs to make it pop.

Happy Guy Fawkes day to everyone tomorrow!

01 November 2013


We were out shooting a few weeks ago on a friend of my father-in-law's and daughter and I saw these.  I hadn't taken a camera with me and my phone is ancient.  She however, has a gorgeous new phone that takes wonderful pictures.  It's taken her a while to share them with me.

It seems there is beauty all around.  I really need to invest in a new phone or carry a camera with me!

BTW I'm updated my book list for 2013.  I have nearly read 100 books!  I've probably already reached that but sometimes I forget to write them down in my notebook!