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24 November 2013

Another week passes

Can't believe it's been a whole week!

Getting closer to Thanksgiving now and work is getting busier and it's getting colder out in the mornings!  I can''t be the only one who hates getting up early when the weather is bad.  Let's face it - I don't like getting up early on the best of days, but when the weather is colder it makes it harder than ever to get out of bed.  I have to run out the house in my PJs and start the car up so it can defrost while I'm getting ready.

Daughter will be coming home on Wednesday for a couple days - will be nice - and this is the first Thanksgiving I'll have off in eight years.  Daughter and I will be going over to MILs to help her cook.

I haven't worked on any cards this week but I did pick up a cross stitch.  I love the Gorjuss designs in general (I have some stamps and a bag with the designs on) and I found this design in a World of Cross Stitching mag so decided to take a break from card making and do some cross stitching.

This is what I've got done this week.  Quite a nice bit done actually.  Not looking forward to all the back stitching lol.

I had to share a pic of my cat, Shadow, who is missing me having the laptop and actually sat on my chair to watch me on the computer - admittedly I had food with me at the time lol.  Sometimes he's worse than the dog ever was lol

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