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18 April 2012

Book addiction UPDATE

I'm doing REALLY well.  I've cut down on buying new books.  I can count on two hands how many books I've bought in the last month - a GREAT accomplishment for me.  I have been purchasing a few new reads for my Kindle (which is my goal).  I have donated three bags of used books to our library bookshop - donations fund different programmes at the library - and I've got rid of bunches on paperbackswap.  I have also sold some on Ebay and used the money to buy Kindle GC so I can replace some of my 'keeps' on my kindle.

My bedroom is looking WAAAAYYYY better.  I still can't believe how many books I have left.

I am going to update my books read - have to admit I haven't been keeping up on this and have read more than listed!

15 April 2012

Great veggie restaurant in Kalamazoo!

Before the show yesterday DD took me to FUEL - a vegetarian restaurant in Kalamazoo.  Loved, loved, LOVED it!  Great atmosphere, great food and friendly staff.  I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.  I loved the atmosphere - small (approx 20 seats) and only open Friday and Sat from 5-9pm and Sunday for brunch, but if you're in town (ha!) try it out. 

The chef came to our table and asked how our food was.  The staff talked to everyone and answered any questions people had.  The food was terrific and it was lovely not to have to worry if everything was vegetarian and prepared vegetarian.  They had specials and regular menu items  - the handmade fries were to die for!

14 April 2012

Comedians of Chelsea Lately...

came to Kalamazoo, Michigan tonight.

Jen Kirkman, Brad Wollack and Josh came to State Theatre tonight - what a blast!  They were SO funny.  Glad DD persuaded me that I *needed* to buy tickets and go see them.  We had a GREAT night.  Brad is so much more funnier in person.  Josh was brilliant and Jen was great.  All in all such fun!  I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time.  Thanks guys - GREAT show!