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18 April 2012

Book addiction UPDATE

I'm doing REALLY well.  I've cut down on buying new books.  I can count on two hands how many books I've bought in the last month - a GREAT accomplishment for me.  I have been purchasing a few new reads for my Kindle (which is my goal).  I have donated three bags of used books to our library bookshop - donations fund different programmes at the library - and I've got rid of bunches on paperbackswap.  I have also sold some on Ebay and used the money to buy Kindle GC so I can replace some of my 'keeps' on my kindle.

My bedroom is looking WAAAAYYYY better.  I still can't believe how many books I have left.

I am going to update my books read - have to admit I haven't been keeping up on this and have read more than listed!

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