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21 July 2014

Monday and Giraffes

Monday again.  It's hubby's birthday today so made baked chicken, stuffing, biscuits and corn.  Didn't feel much like cooking but thought I'd be nice.

Birthdays are SO expensive.  He wanted an Maxpedition Backpack.  Just about collapsed when I saw the price of them!  He hadn't left the name of the particular one he wanted.  I was cringing at the $150 one that I was looking at. Asked oldest son which one Dad wanted and he didn't know so I just asked hubby.  The one he was looking at was $231.  OUCH!!!!!  I had him put it in the 'basket' online and closed my eyes when I pressed the button.  Yikes.

With the cost of that and the usual 'birthday' things including car tax on two cars plus regular bills it's been a tough week.  I honestly can't wait for it to be over. 

I'm trying to think happy thoughts to keep me going so I thought of the giraffes daughter and I saw at the zoo.  They were funny things.  They were a lot of fun to feed.

11 July 2014

Zoo Trip

When daughter came home last week we went to the zoo.  Haven't been for a long time.  I think the last time I went to a zoo was for a school trip with the kids.  It was a nice day out.  Because it was the 4th July I didn't think there would be a lot of people around.  I was wrong!  It was pretty busy.  The good thing was that daughter and I weren't the only adults there without children lol.

I really liked these cool looking frogs.  Not sure what kind they are.  Of course I didn't take note of the descriptions that were along side of them.  I really liked the Peacock too.  They have such beautiful colours in their tails.  They can really make a noise too!

08 July 2014

Poor Brazil

World Cup Football

Germany absolutely thrashed Brazil 7-1.  Yikes.  It was almost painful to watch - five goals in 18 minutes.  Yikes. 

07 July 2014

I got a tattoo!

My lovely daughter decided that we needed to have matching tattoos done when she came to visit this weekend.  I have been thinking of it for a while - just because.  She wanted a fairy.  We both looked and looked and finally came up with one that we could agree on.  She was the one who looked into different tattoo shops but I did check their hours lol (because of the holiday).  She made us an appointment for the 3rd so I couldn't chicken out.  I don't know what she thought but she made me go first.

The place we went to was Art and Soul in Portage.  I was impressed at how clean it was lol.  The guy we had - Luke - was great.  I had mine done on my leg - opposite the ankle where I had surgery and daughter had hers done on her arm.  As I am in my forties I wanted it done somewhere where I wouldn't sag lol (or wasn't already!).  It didn't hurt as much as I thought.  Because of the way my foot was positioned my bad ankle hurt worse than the tattoo lol as it was being pushed on. 

The worst thing is the aftercare - washing, patting dry and putting on lotion several times a day.  It stings a little afterward but nothing major.

02 July 2014


Phew - almost through the end of the work week.  No short holiday week for me.  I work Sunday through Thursday most weeks so Friday and Saturday are my days off. 

I've been trying to walk every day - if not on the treadmill then outside at the Nature Preserve or small trail near us.  I like the peace, helps me unwind from a day at work. 

Not a lot extra goes on in the week.  I feel like I plod through workdays just trying to make it to the weekends and at the weekends I feel like I'm just trying to catch up from things I haven't done in the week lol.

Watched some World Cup this week - football is probably the only sport I watch.  Did watch the US game - what a goalkeeper!  He should have been on the winning time - the defeat would have been a lot worse without him.

I've included some more of our UP Michigan pictures.

These are pictures from part of the Lower Tahquamenon Falls.  Truly majestical - but bring your bug spray!!!

28 June 2014

Another Long Time

I miss blogging, I do.  Time just seems to be flying by and when the work week hits I struggle with just getting the things done I 'have' to get done, not leaving a lot of 'me' time.  I guess it's something a lot of people struggle with.  I just don't seem to have the get up and go I used to have a few years ago - getting older lol.  I read other people's blogs and they always seem to be up to something.  In comparison my life seems a little dull and boring. 

Last week I did go on a mini-vacation with hubby.  We went up to the UP of Michigan to Munising.  Beautiful country up there and very peaceful.  I did take along my trusty camera too and took lots of snaps, so at least I'll have some pics to share for a while. 

We did some walking and looked at some views and waterfalls.  The treks made us both realise how out of shape we are.  We are hoping to walk more and perhaps get in shape to do some of the longer trails next year.  We have followed through on that since being home and did a walk in a nature preserve - now to keep it up!

I took pictures of scenes, waterfalls, uprooted trees and fungus - yes, fungus. 

Our first night we stopped at Mackinaw City, a nice little locally owned motel called American Boutique.  It was right on the waterfront by the lighthouse with a great view of Mackinaw Bridge.

10 May 2014


It was beautiful outside today.  I actually went out in the garden and took a couple of pics.  I miss taking pictures.  I admit that I haven't done a lot of it over the winter.  There is a bird in our nest again.  This is the third year that a bird has made its home in the nest close to our house.  Last year I got some wonderful pictures of the baby birds.  This bird seems a little shy.  Every time I go our there to snap a picture it seems to take off!

I'm not good at kinds of birds not sure what kind this is.

Also got a nice close up of a bee landing on a dandelion.  The dandelions will all be gone tomorrow - at least for a few days - as oldest DS will be out mowing.

09 May 2014

Long time no write

It's been a long time.  Just been in the dumps.  Am going to see if I can get moving again and start more crafting again.  Lately I seem to be acquiring new craft items rather than using them. 

Spring has finally sprung and things are looking up


20 February 2014

Weather Today

Welcome to Michigan!

We've had rain, snow, ice, sleet and now we're having thunder and lightning! 

08 February 2014

Gorjuss update

My camera messed up and I couldn't find the picture I'd taken of my Gorjuss cross stitch designed.  Finally got around to pulling everything out and taking another.

I'm going to work on it this afternoon while I'm watching some Miranda.

It's been a crazy week at work this week.   I only worked four days but ended up working 9/10 hour days.  So much for the extra day off lol. 

Once a year we have an audit and ours happened to be last week.  So nervous and stressful.  Things went really well.  We got 95.45%.  Glad it's over!  Won't be another one this year.  That means no stress on vacation days or days off. 

On the weather front - any time it wants to warm up and stop snowing I'm more than ready.  I'm cold all the time.  I can't wait until I don't have to run out in the morning start the car up.  Sigh