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30 October 2013


I'm joining in WOYWW over at Stamping Ground.  Lots of good links to check out.  I like seeing what other people are up to.

My 'workdesk' (table) is a mess this week.  Hubby has been working overtime but came home to do a simple pumpkin carving for me.  I miss seeing the pumpkins on our front steps - kids are all grown up now. 

I have been working on a couple cards.

This weekend will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  It looks like hubby will have to work but we will go out to dinner.  Our treat to ourselves is a week away (just the two of us) next summer to a wonderful motel up north that we visited with my Mum and daughter.  It seems a long while off but it will be something fun to think about and get us through the long winter!

28 October 2013

Handmade Monday

I'm joining in Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour

Got a couple more cards done.  I'm really moving on these Christmas cards.  I'm having fun with them too.  I do still have to put a greeting inside.  I like the look of the greeting when it stands out a bit too so think I will do them that way.

The next thing I have to work on is my Mum's calendar.  I have made one for her for years.  I could do it on the computer but imo there is nothing better than a handmade calender -  made with love!

I did make banana bread too - yummy!

23 October 2013


It's Wednesday again!  Time is flying by.  I can't believe that next week will be November.  I finally gave in today and turned the heat on.  It's been quite chilly lately - we even saw a few ice drops today.  Brrrrrr.  Even the cat was feeling cold this morning.  I usually do a quick email check before work and the cat usually climbs up on my lap alongside the laptop.  In the summer he's careful to stay away from the fan heat but when the weather cools he sticks his face on the keyboard so the heat can tickle his chin.  He was doing that this morning.

I'm joining in WOYWW over at Stamping Ground  I love looking at other people's crafty projects.

My 'desk' (read dining room table lol) is piled into a little pile.  I did some scrapbook work over the weekend and another quick card (pictured below).  It's almost my 'weekend' again when I'll hopefully be able to do some crafty stuff.

19 October 2013

Saturday Again

Still have a touch of the cold.  Phew, glad the worst is over though!  By Thursday I could barely crawl out of bed and go to work!  I finished early, came home and slept (got interrupted a lot), went to bed early though still felt crappy on Friday.

Today is a little better so I decided to get some crafty stuff done.  I did some baking first - tried out a couple new muffin recipes.  They didn't actually turn out as well as I hoped.  I won't be using those recipes again!  They don't taste horrible, just not really good.  They were Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins and Double Chocolate muffins.

After doing the muffins I decided to pull out some of my pics from my last trip home and put together something of an album.  I always end up with loads of pictures and rarely get them put into anything.  I had picked up three ring album and some of the pocket pages so decided to give it a try.  These are a couple of the pages I worked on.

I might work on some more or some cards.  Getting distracted now by watching Drop Dead Fred.  Sigh - feeling nostalgic today.  Have had The Outsiders and Interview with a Vampire on the telly lol.

14 October 2013

Arrggg... it Monday AGAIN?

Not so crafty Monday today.  I've got a touch of the crud that everyone else at work seems to have.  Hopefully - fingers crossed, touching wood and all that - it won't get any worse!

I did make a quicky card.  I like it.  I think I'll save it for when both daughter and I are having a rough time lol.  I did have quite a crafty weekend and now it's back to the trudge of the week.

I'm joining in Handmade Mondays again.  It's fun to see what everyone has been up to.  There are lots of very talented people out there!

12 October 2013

Christmas Cards

I tried another browser and this one apparently works!  So there are three cards I worked on.  I like the simplicity of the last two.  I think I may actually make some more of them.

I also have to start working on a calendar for my Mum.  I have made her one for many years.  She doesn't get to see my kids very often so I started making her a calendar every year when the kids were very little.  Each year gets a little harder as they are now 24, 22 and soon to be 20!  I take pics every opportunity I get but as you can imagine the older they get the more difficult it gets to take pictures of them!

Saturday Crafting

I decided to pull out my crafty stash and add to the mess on the dining room table.  My daughter who is away at Uni asked me to send her a Halloween candy package.  I decided to make her a Halloween card to go along with it.  Down below is a fun stamp to add to the back.

I also pulled out some more Christmas designs.  Sigh.  I was going to post pictures but I'm having a heck of a time posting them!  I upload them and try to add to my post and all I get is a coloured ball turning around and around!  Aaaarrrggggghhhh!  I'll try again later. 

09 October 2013


I like WOYWW over at Stamping Ground  even though I haven't participated in a while!

Admittedly there's not a lot happening on the dining room table!  I managed some crafty stuff at the weekend, but then work and whatnot got in the way - sigh.  It's the last day of my work week tomorrow and on my 'weekend' (Friday and Saturday) I hope to be at it again!

 I heard it's only seventy some odd days 'til Christmas so I better get moving!

Here's my mess... lol

07 October 2013

More cards and Handmade Monday

I found this wonderful blog a while ago called Handmade Harbour and it has a wonderful day called Handmade Monday.  As I actually finished things this week I thought I'd join in the party - it looks like fun!

I made a couple more Christmas cards - it is October afterall lol.  I had fun making these.

05 October 2013

Saturday again...

It's rolled around to Saturday again.  I only have one day off this weekend as I took off last Sunday.   It's October and unusually warm.  We took out the window air conditioners.  We've opened the windows and put on the ceiling fan but it's still quite sticky and humid.  It's supposed to cool down again tomorrow.

I took the opportunity to work on a couple cards.  One of them is the completed card I posted the beginning of last Sunday.  They have turned out quite nice.  I am making my cards this year for my family overseas.  I hope they like them

This one is a stamped image from Penny Black - love her designs.  I coloured the design with my limited supply of Copic markers and some Spectrum Noir markers.  I actually invested in some X-press it paper for Copic Markers and I'm actually glad I did!  I balked at the price tag BUT the result is great.  There is a lot less bleed from the markers.

This one I used some card toppers I purchased while I was on my trip home to England.  I found them at The Works in Ipswich.  They were a pound a pack and if you bought two you got one free!  I love these designs and so does my family so worked out great!