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23 October 2013


It's Wednesday again!  Time is flying by.  I can't believe that next week will be November.  I finally gave in today and turned the heat on.  It's been quite chilly lately - we even saw a few ice drops today.  Brrrrrr.  Even the cat was feeling cold this morning.  I usually do a quick email check before work and the cat usually climbs up on my lap alongside the laptop.  In the summer he's careful to stay away from the fan heat but when the weather cools he sticks his face on the keyboard so the heat can tickle his chin.  He was doing that this morning.

I'm joining in WOYWW over at Stamping Ground  I love looking at other people's crafty projects.

My 'desk' (read dining room table lol) is piled into a little pile.  I did some scrapbook work over the weekend and another quick card (pictured below).  It's almost my 'weekend' again when I'll hopefully be able to do some crafty stuff.

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  1. I have seen that stamp before and really like it. Nice cared you created using it. We are actually having warm temperatures here in Oregon, still wearing my spring wardrobe and loving it. Soon enough we will be cold. Kim #90