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19 October 2013

Saturday Again

Still have a touch of the cold.  Phew, glad the worst is over though!  By Thursday I could barely crawl out of bed and go to work!  I finished early, came home and slept (got interrupted a lot), went to bed early though still felt crappy on Friday.

Today is a little better so I decided to get some crafty stuff done.  I did some baking first - tried out a couple new muffin recipes.  They didn't actually turn out as well as I hoped.  I won't be using those recipes again!  They don't taste horrible, just not really good.  They were Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins and Double Chocolate muffins.

After doing the muffins I decided to pull out some of my pics from my last trip home and put together something of an album.  I always end up with loads of pictures and rarely get them put into anything.  I had picked up three ring album and some of the pocket pages so decided to give it a try.  These are a couple of the pages I worked on.

I might work on some more or some cards.  Getting distracted now by watching Drop Dead Fred.  Sigh - feeling nostalgic today.  Have had The Outsiders and Interview with a Vampire on the telly lol.

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