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2015 Photography Challenge

1st January 2015

My first photograph. New.

I received a new camera for Anniversary/Christmas Present. It is a Nikon D5300. I had the older version D3000. This one has some nifty new features that I haven't learned a lot about. One of the things I do like is the Food Scene mode. So I took some pics of the ingredients I was preparing for Mushroom Burgers that I made on New Years Day. I like the way they look

2nd January 2015

Despite it being really cold - though not as cold as it has been in the last few days I decided to take a walk over at Asylum Lake. It was so strange being there when everything is so brown and dull. I haven't been walking there since the weather turned colder. By the lake the rushes are no longer green and lush. Some were flattened and others were just brown. I didn't see any deer and wonder where they have gone. There doesn't seem much of anything for them to bed down in.

I love the way this looks. The lake is beginning to freeze around the edges. The ice isn't heavy but this log was balanced carefully on the thin ice and the reflection showed in the ice.

Another view I loved the look of. The ice is beginning to form and gives such a wavy, pretty look.

Squirrel. What can I say? My daughter loves them. This one sat quite nicely while I took its picture. Most of them run away - at least the ones that live near us. While I'm home in England the squirrels seem quite domesticated and will come up to you trying to get food from you. For several reasons this appealed to me.


Morning Ritual is the prompt today. It's not quite my morning ritual that I took pictures of, rather the things I see on my wall when I wake up in the morning.

A plaque on my wall reminding me what life is about.

Witches Calendar. I like seeing the full moon days so I know how crazy it will be at work!


Prompter: Word of the Day

It's not very creative of me, but by now I think everyone knows what a procrastinator I can be. It's something I really need to work on. I have such good intentions at the beginning of the day but after work, exercising, fixing dinner and what-not all creativity goes out of the window.

It is actually a photograph of my Do-It-Later date planner for 2015


Prompter: What's the Plan?

There really isn't one. If I had my way lately I would be in my cat's position. Looks like he's having a great, lazy time sitting in the warmth and out of the snow.


Prompter: Reward

I didn't actually use this prompter - sigh. The view out of my window was the picture I took. It had just started to snow. We actually have a lot more now.

These are actually two of our Christmas trees from past years that we have planted.


Prompter: My Favourites

Sad day today. I didn't use the prompter. I took a picture of the front of the Charlie Hebdo website.

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