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26 January 2013

Snow and Cold I was thinking we were having a pretty good winter and BAM here comes the ice and snow.  Granted, my Mum in England had snow before we did here in Michigan but still...I've HAD ENOUGH!!!

On top of the snow it has been bitterly cold - when I emailed Mum the other day it was only -8C high temp and it had been as low as -14C that day.  It was so cold that they weren't putting salt on the roads as it wasn't working!  THAT is cold lol.  I could only brave a couple of snaps in the snow. 

Christmas Tree from a couple years back.  I liked the way the light cast a shadow that day.

Trees out in back garden

This one is of ice on the washing line.

16 January 2013

Crafty Mother in Law

She's been at it again - this time making scarves.  My mother in law is a very crafty person and when she gets into something she puts her whole heart into it.  The projects she has created over the years have been beyond count.  It seems that whatever she turns her hand at she perfects. 

She brought over probably 12 of these scarves - different colours - so DD and I could have one each.  She had us pegged already as she had made two grey/black ones.  She knows what colours we go for!  The rest she is having hubby and FIL take down to Columbus, OH when they go to visit hubby's brother this weekend so his wife and daughter can choose one each, and the rest she will be taking to church to see if she can sell to the ladies.

BTW these are knitted!

08 January 2013

Reading Challenge

I didn't do so good following through with the reading challenge last year.  I read a lot more books than I listed but I'm not so good at writing them all down :)  Anyway so I'm trying again this year.  I joined Goodreads and have chosen a goal of 75 books. .

If I can write them down I'll be happy

05 January 2013

New Year - new start

DD goes back to college tomorrow.  So sort of a blah time.  I haven't done much figuring about the new year and goals and such as things have been so crazy.  However once she is back at school and boys are back at school I should have more time to think.

Finished a couple more cross stitch pieces - these are bits I gave to family for the holidays.  Better post before I forget or misplace pics.

The one above I stitched for my Mum.  I picked up the kit when we were at the Knitting and Stitching show in London.  She didn't see me buy the kit so it was a really nice suprise and a nice reminder of our trip together!

The one above is part of a Lizzie Kate design.  I was unsure of what to get my hubby's Great Aunt for Christmas.  She's in her mid nineties and has almost everything she wants/needs.  She goes to church regularly so even though it isn't my type of thing I knew she'd enjoy it.  I shortened the piece a little (due to time and framing constraints) but she really liked it!