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31 December 2011

Happy New Year England!

Just got off the phone with my Mum.  We always celebrate seeing the New Year in together.   She always turns up her telly and I do the same and we watch the fireworks over London and listen to Big Ben together.  We've done it for years now.  It's always so nice to be able to say 'see you later this year'. 

Now I have to see if I can stay up and see in the 'second' New Year, the one here.  I have to be at work at 5am so we'll see. 

30 December 2011

Feeling Lazy...and have a cold - sniff, sniff

Woke up yesterday with a cold, little bit of sore throat, my nose won't stop running and I keep sneezing!  Yesterday at work I sneezed, would blow my nose, wash my hands and wouldn't even get the paper in the bin before I started sneezing again!  Happened about 5 times in a row.  :(    Thankfully it did get better throughout the day.

Woke up again with same thing.  Not getting any worse thankfully. 

Feeling really lazy.  I did get up to go to work, put in my eight hours, came home and felt drained and really, really cold.  Turned up the heat, piled on the blankets, laid on the couch and fell asleep.  There is so much I should be doing, cleaning that just needs to be done, but I can't get up the energy. 

While I'm sitting with my computer I think I'll work on a 2012 list of goals - things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year.  All this inbetween blowing my nose.

29 December 2011

Our Dog Ben

Ben is a Black Lab.  He is about 14 years old.  He has never shown an interest in presents or wrapping paper.  Suddenly this year round about DD's birthday he decided he wanted to play with the paper.  No, not just play with the paper, but open the presents.  Seems to have got worse by Christmas.  He was sitting beside one of us trying to get the presents out of our hands!!!!  We have never wrapped him up anything before (as he had never shown interest).  This year we did.  We wrapped up a large milk bone in paper.  It was so funny to see him opening it!

28 December 2011

Phew - I'm glad it's OVER!

I am glad it is finally over.  I was lucky enough to have Saturday, Sunday and Boxing Day (Monday) off.  I was so glad to have the Monday off.  It was nice to do absolutely nothing.  Well, I did vacuum, but other than that I sat in my chair in my lounging clothes and read.  It's the first time in weeks I've done a lot of nothing. 

Work was HORRIBLE last week.  Customers were grumpy and rude and it was crazy busy.  People were so impatient.  You would think some of them had been waiting for ages, but if they came up to the desk with a couple items and they had to wait (it is a Service Desk afterall and people are buying money orders, lottery, returning items etc) they would get really rude.  Duh, try the Express Lane - it might be quicker!  And if one more person would complain they were in a hurry on Christmas Eve I would have decked them.  Really?  And nobody else is in a hurry or has somewhere else to be?  Grrrr.....

We have a couple days reprieve before the New Year shopping frenzy begins.

Holiday Cooking


Jam and Almond Thumbprints

Just a couple of the things DD and I made.  I baked some for a potluck at school, more for our home movie night on the 24th and more to take over to MIL on Christmas Day.  

23 December 2011

Happy Solstice/Yule/Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa

Whatever tradition you follow at this time of year I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season.

Sometimes I think we're all running around like crazy, trying to create the 'perfect' holiday and forgetting what is really important.  I see this time as a time to remember what is important in life- family and friends and taking time to enjoy them.

I really miss my Mum and family this time of year.  I haven't spent a Christmas season at home since I came to America.  I miss Christmas Pudding, Yorkshire Pudding, Crackers, a little drink, trifle and the Queen's Speech.  I try to incorporate a little of everything into our family celebration but it isn't the same.  I always talk to my Mum on Christmas Day and listen to the laughter in the background.  My hubby's family is more subdued, they don't indulge in drink of any kind.  There are no games, no charades, no silly jokes from crackers. 

Oh, don't get me wrong.  We get along well together and everyone has a good time, but it just isn't the same as I remember from childhood.  The hubby, kids and I have started new traditions of our own - we always have movie night on the 24th.  Not sure how long it will last.  They are all getting older and will soon start traditions of their own, with families of their own.

So on Christmas Eve Eve I am going to take a deep breath and try to enjoy what is really important in life - family!

20 December 2011

My Baby turned 18

Yesterday my baby turned 18.  A milestone for her and for me.  I now officially have no more 'children'.  They are all considered adults.  How old does that make me?  Yikes. 

I remember the day she was born.  She had been a surprise baby, unplanned, but welcomed all the same.  After the last one I wasn't sure I wanted any more.  The labour had not been good and when I found out I was pregnant with DD I was scared.  I left it a long time before going to the hospital - the last time the hospital had been the worst of it.  I almost left it too late! 

She was born while I was still wearing my winter coat - it's cold here in Michigan.  We made it to the hospital and up to the labour room but there it stopped.  We had chosen not to find out whether the baby would be a boy or a girl and she was a great surprise as we already had two boys. 

She was the best surprise I have ever received.  She's a great young woman, smart and confident.  Come June she will graduate from High School and in the Autumn she will be heading out on her own to Uni. 

Happy Birthday DD!

17 December 2011

Ahead of the Game...

I have actually wrapped presents!  I am usually such a procrastinator and am finally ahead of the game! 

It always seems as though I leave Yule/Christmas things to the last minute.  This year I tried to organise a little better and seem to have things in hand.  I had some holiday hours left and have been taking an extra day off for a couple weeks. It certainly seems to help.  I have a couple more things to buy tomorrow and I should be about done.

Speedy Postal Service

Wow!  What quick service!  Last Saturday I posted my Mum's package off to her.  I was very proud of myself as I actually got things done in time.  Post Office said it might not make it there in time for Christmas (it was sent priority but they couldn't guarantee it).  I had told Mum I'd email her to let her know when I'd posted it so she could keep an eye out for it.  I was going to talk to her Wednesday so figured I'd tell her then.

When I rang she said the package had already arrived - on TUESDAY!  How is that for good service?  All the way from America to England!  We both were stunned.  Great job Post Office!

16 December 2011

15 December 2011

I'm feeling like a ....

...hamster running around on one of those wheels.  I feel like I'm going a mile a minute and getting nowhere! 

At work I seem to be running around like crazy and I'm still behind!

At home things are piling up and nothing seems to be happening.  I take stuff from the table to the bed and back to the table again.  The living room is a mess, so is the kitchen, recycle out of hand and DD has friends coming over this weekend.  I feel like our house is waaaayyy too small and we're bursting at the seams. I have the whole weekend off (DD's birthday is on Monday) so hopefully I'll catch up with something. 

We have to go shopping for a Yule Tree and then I can get the gifts beneath it. 

11 December 2011

New Favourite Christmas Song

Here this one of the Scott Mill's show.  I LOVE Tim Minchin!

10 December 2011

Good Day

I got up early - though later for me as my day usually begins at around 2.40am.  I was the first one up so had a little peace and quiet to greet the day.  Quiet in this house isn't easy - there are five of us living here.  My youngest will turn eighteen on Dec 19th. 

I packed up my Mum's box and got my sisters' cards ready and took them to the Post Office.  Hubby ended up driving me.  We went to a smaller PO and there was no-one in there when I arrived.   Unfortunately the clerk was having problems with the computer, luckily it didn't take long to fix.  Mum's package is now on its way - priority service and my purse is $45 lighter - ouch!  I am happy it is on its way.  Usually I am such a procrastinator and any gifts I usually get her arrive after Christmas.  I'm hoping this one makes it in time and things arrive in one peice.

Thought about shopping - spent too much money this week so stayed in.  YEAH for me!  Actual spending (after the PO) $0.  I did finish Peppermint Patties - my family LOVE these!

I've made these for years.  They are easy to make and taste just as good - if not better - than anything store bought.  Have included recipe below.


•1 pound confectioners' sugar

•3 Tablespoons butter or margarine, softened

•2 to 3 teaspoons peppermint extract

•1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

•1/4 cup evaporated milk

•2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

•2 Tablespoons shortening


In a bowl, combine confectioners' sugar, butter or margarine, peppermint extract, and vanilla extract. Add evaporated milk and mix well.

Roll into 1-inch balls and place on a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet. Chill for 20 minutes. Flatten with a glass to 1/4-inch thickness. Chill for 30 minutes.

In a double-boiler or microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate chips and shortening. Dip patties and place on waxed paper to harden.

08 December 2011

Talk about waste...

Guess what each one of these boxes contained? 

1 book and 1 calendar.

How ridiculous is that?  Both came from Barnes & Noble.

My DD holding up all the plastic inside the boxes.

Cat hiding inside one of the boxes.

Dog playing with plastic - we didn't let him play for long and we watched him carefully.  He was so funny.  He's a really old dog - 14 years old - and today was the liveliest I've seen him for a long time. 

05 December 2011


Sometimes I just get in the mood to read blogs.  There are a couple I like to check in with and more that I tend to travel around.  It's so interesting to read about people's travels and lives.  I tend to look for frugal blogs - hoping to be inspired - and espeically those situated in England - helps alleviate the homesickness.  Usually at this time of year I get a little down.  Everyone is going on about how important it is to spend time with family and most of mine is so far away and I miss them.  I call Mum on Christmas Day.  She usually spends the day at my middle sister's house.  When I ring them they have already had their Christmas Dinner, the wine has been flowing and they are usually taking a break before eating the Christmas Pud.  I can hear the laughter in the background and wish that I was there.  My family is quite large, they laugh a lot (and tend to drink quite a bit!).  My Hubby's family is smaller, quieter and drink rarely flows.  I haven't spent a Christmas home in twenty years. 

I try to keep things upbeat for my 'kids'.  When they were little I tried to keep busy and tried not to cry in front of them when I got really homesick.  I hate the song I'll be Home for Christmas.  I won't be.  Oh I love my kids and hubby dearly and wouldn't spend a Christmas away from them, but I have hopes that when they move on with their lives I can at least spend one more Christmas home with my Mum and sisters and their families.

Deep breath. Anyway on an upbeat note, here are a couple of the blogs I absolutely LOVE

This is a GREAT blog about a woman in her sixties who retired early and about the travels she goes on.  I envy her.  She goes on travels around her part of England, taking pictures and walking the hills and valleys.  There are some FANTASTIC pictures on her blog.

Living a Frugal life.  I enjoy reading this one.

No, this isn't a link to my own blog, but a link to another Ex-Pat though I think she's made it back to England!

03 December 2011

DECEMBER already?

This year feels like it's flown by!  I can't belief it's the beginning of December already. This is not one of my most favourite times of the year.  I am not a snow person yet I moved to a place that gets a LOT of snow.  I usually wish away the weeks and count the days until the time between snowfalls get longer and longer.

I've been doing some more stitching to give away as gifts.  I hope people appreciate the thought and time that went into a project but most people don't realise the time it takes to make a homemade gift.  I'm sure others who are crafty/creative encounter the same thing.  I haven't made gifts for a while partially because of that fact.  There are some people I woudn't give a handmade gift to even though IMO a handmade gift usually has a lot more thought put into it.  I have picked out patterns to stitch that match the person I am stitching them, I have spent precious time stitching the items and I hope people appreciate them.  Sometimes it takes another crafty person to appreciate a handmade gift. 

This is from a STITCHY KITTY free design.  For a while now my mother-in-law has been inviting an older woman from their community to spend the holiday with us.  She loves dogs and I think she'll really like this.

I've finished stitching this one but have yet to make it into anything. 

30 November 2011

Squirrel pic

I don't think I've shared this before but I was looking through pictures to print for a calendar I always make for my Mum and I came across this pic my DD took while we were in England this summer.  It was such a LOL moment. 

This squirrel was rooting around in the bin looking for food and popped out with this chip amongst other things.  It was so funny to watch and DD got some cute pics including this one. 

Some pics I took this morning....

...snow.  I like the look of the stuff but I hate driving in it. Lucky for me I didn't have to go out in it this morning as it's my day off.

This last one is of our last year's Yule tree.  We're going to do the same this year and plant it in the front garden. 

28 November 2011

One thing after another....

My two oldest go to University and share a car.  It broke down a couple weeks ago - they fixed and now has broken again.  Don't think there's much point putting more money into the car BUT they will be using mine until they can figure something else out.  I was sharing mine with DD who got her licence this summer so now instead of sharing with 1 person I'm sharing with 3.

DD tells me she needs $250 to secure her place at University.  She has worked really hard in High School so I really need to find the money to do this.  She has been accepted but needs to sign up for orientation early next summer.  I was hoping this would wait until after the holidays but apparently not. 

It's been raining like crazy and the puddles in the dirt driveway are getting deep and numerous!

I know things can be worse - it just seems like we take one step forward and two steps back.

25 November 2011

Stitching projects FINISHED!

This is my finished Teacup Pincushion.  Turned out quite nicely.

My framed Tea picture.  I laced it myself and framed.  I like this!

Stitchy Kitty Ornament. 

I'm not that sure of this one.  I like the stitched design but am not too happy with the finish.  I'm not messing with it again.  I've redone it three times now!  The cording I got didn't end up looking very good as a tassel.  The first lot had a cardboard bit in the middle so I had to unpick and this one won't lay flat!  I tried ironing it between other fabric but no luck. 

I almost finished another ornament but am waiting on buttons.  They are supposed to come this week.


It's another one of those how-time-flies catch up sessions! 

I can't believe I haven't posted in three weeks!  How time flies when you're having fun.

The good news is that I've actually got some holiday projects done.  Can't believe it.  I'm going to take pics and post.  I still have more to go but as it's not yet Decemeber I'm doing well - for me!

Went out briefly today.  I couldn't bring myself to get up ultra early.  I get up at 2.40am every day and couldn't see getting up early on my day off as well!

DD and I did go to the library.  They had a 'Gift Book' sale.  Our library has a bookstore on the lower floor where people can donate used books and the bookstore sells them to fund different programs at the library.  You can find really neat, newer books there all the time.  It's a favourite place of mine - not just to buy but I donate some used books there too.  The books are really cheap - most are 50cents to $1 - can't beat that.  The 'Gift Book' sale has higher end, nicer books that look brand new.  DD picked up a few teen books and I found a hardcover copy of The Help for $2 and a newer J R Ward Hardcover for $2.

After that we did go to Walmart.  I picked up a couple DVDs that were still on sale.  Later middle DS wanted to go to Toysrus and because there car is broken I offered to take him.  Our JoAnn Fabric store is right next to Toysrus so I went in there.  WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!  It was PACKED!  I was going to pick up a couple things but the queue was right to the back of the store and most people had cartloads of stuff.  The sale is still on tomorrow so if I am up early enough I might pop over then. 

Hubby and oldest DS are out hunting again.  Groan. Hunting season is almost over.  Thank Goodness. 

05 November 2011

Stitching Saturday

I started the Teacup Pin Cushion a couple days ago and had hoped to get it finished today.   Netflix has just added Rosemary and Thyme to their Instant replay selection so I popped on the old telly and a little bit of mystery and picked up my stitching.  I am happily stitching along when I realise that when I went to purchase the floss needed for the project I was missing one colour and would just 'pick it up later'.  Did I?  No.  I have no way to get around today so can't go get the one colour.  I have finished everything I can.  I will pick up the floss tomorrow when I have to take DD to her hair appointment. 

X factor Results

Can't say I'm sad to see InTENsity go.  They weren't bad - especially since they were just put together BUT I couldn't see a lot of big commercial success for them AND there were better people on the show.  On to next week now...

03 November 2011

X Factor USA

Who's going home?  I think it should be one of the groups.  They have to be the weakest.

My favs are Drew, Melanie, Chris and Josh - have to say Marcus did a good job last night.  I hadn't thought much of him before but last night there was something about him.  I know people like Stacy, but I just can't get into her.  She's more of a gospel singer than someone you'd see on the charts.  There are a lot of people around like her - maybe with not such a strong voice - but like her all the same.  Astro - still not a fan. He's a good performer but a little cocky for my taste.  He'll be around for a while.  I certainly don't think he should be one of the first to go home. 

I'll have to check out a website spoiler in the a.m as I have to toddle myself off to bed.  2.40am rolls around waaaaayyyy too soon. 

31 October 2011

Happy Halloween/Samhain!

It was a gorgeous Autumn day today - chilly but sunny.  My Grown-up kids were a PITA today.  Long story - too long to tell.  Grrr.....  I didn't let them dampen my mood.  I have two days in a row off.  I finished up late at work (in order to take the two days in a row off lol).  I baked some Zombie cupcakes.  My oldest DS has a 'thing' about zombies - he and Hubby are in the basement watching The Walking Dead - and now I'm settling in to watch Ghosthunters Live Event for a while.  I actually don't have to worry about going to bed because I don't have to get up at 2.40am!!!

Zombie Cupcake pics below

29 October 2011

Halloween/Samhain baking

DD had a bakesale at school this week - her friend signed her up to help run it so she had to make lots of goodies.  Decided on a 'Halloween' theme - thought they might sell well.  She said everything went so that's good!  Apparently there is rarely a snack line at school so whenever there are homemade goodies they sell like crazy. 

These are bags of Puppy Chow - Crispex cereal w/added goodies.

Cupcakes w/Halloween sprinkles and picks

Eyeball Cake Pops.  These turned out all right.  We were a little disappointed in the melted candy on top.  I contacted the Wilton company and they emailed back promptly and are sending me two new packs of candy melts.  They didn't melt like they should have so chocolate wasn't smooth. 

25 October 2011

X Factor again

It's that time of the week.  Can't stay up for all of it - past my bedtime.  I'll have to watch tomorrow.  My question so far is SONG CHOICE????  Wow, some of the songs they are picking are really bad choices.  The 'boys' were okay - sort of agree with L A's choice.  The 'groups' - I have no opinion of them at all.   It's the one category I don't really have a favourite in.  Hope something changes. 

21 October 2011

Work Review....

Apparently I play well with others :)

I hate review time.  The requirements 'reviewed' aren't job specific.  It seems they have one review for everyone.  I got top marks for job knowledge, but not 'bonus' points for doing well on internal audits or a low over/short.

BTW I'm a bookkeeper in a store. 

18 October 2011

X Factor USA

I'm cringing ....bad decisions.... can't believe some of the people who got through and those that got kicked off.  Dexter Haygood?  Really?  What was Nicole thinking? I think her feeling sorry for him interfered with judging his talent and whether he has the X factor.  I'm not sure where this is going.  Simon - Tia whatsit?  Over the blonde girl???  Obviously not thinking at all...or thinking with something else. I like Tia but really?

I think in the end - especially with Paula's choices - they are looking for people who aren't sure of what they are or where they are going and they can mold. 

L.A Reid - the only one I agree with is Chris - there is something about him I really like.  He should have got rid of the rapping kid.  It really bugged me that he critisized the one African American guy who only sang country complaining that he only sang one kind of music, but let the rapping kid through.  Okay so America hasn't seen anything like the kid (sorry can't remember his name) on the singing talent shows, but still....

The Groups ... I can't say I really like any of them.  That has to be the hardest category.

Guess we need to wait and see where this is going...

In my next life I want...

to be a cat.

17 October 2011

Just come to the conclusion...

..that women should have been fitted with a switch where we can turn off reproductive parts when we're done with them!  I am SO tired of being grumpy and feeling like bursting into tears at every little thing for one week per month and putting up with cramps for another week. Two weeks of crap every month!  I'm done already!  I've heard menopause is a bunch of laughs too. 


16 October 2011

Finish and next project

I finished another small piece.  This was another freebie design from 

My next project is going to be a teacup pincushion.  I rather like the idea of it and - if it turns out okay - I'll be giving one to MIL who is a sewer and my Mum.  This particular design is from an issue of UK Cross Stitcher magazine.  I have a friend in England who sends the mag to me each month.  The picture isn't great - there was a glare on the mag but I think you get the idea. 

DD and I were out and about yesterday and stopped in at the Goodwill store (Charity Shop) and found the cup below for 80 cents!  I'm going to try it with that one.  I picked up the floss today after work as the Michaels store had a 20% your entire purchase sale.  I'm going to get started on it tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have a pic update later in the week

11 October 2011


I enjoy taking extra days off work (who doesn't?) but there always seems like there is a bunch of stuff to catch up on when you go back.  Sigh.

Anyway today was 1c listing on US Ebay so I listed a bunch of books I'd sorted out.  If they don't sell I'll post on PaperbackSwap.  If you're a reader a have a bunch of books hanging around check out their website at  I've got quite a few books I'd been looking for from that site!

I posted some pics the other day but didn't post the one of our 'Cherry' goodies.  I'm not sure about the Salsa, but hubby liked it!

09 October 2011


Time flew and life got in the way!

We had a whole week of cold weather - the heat in my house actually clicked on one night despite the thermostat being way down.  I woke in the middle of the night to that funny-first-time-of-the-season-thermostat-heat smell.  It hasn't been on since, but I did pull out the electric radiator heater we invested in last year and had it take the chill of a few mornings.

This week has been entirely different!  We had the windows open and the fan on. The whole week has been beautiful and - lucky for me - I had the whole weekend off.  We made plans to go up north to Traverse City (about 175 miles) to take some pictures and just have a day out.  There is some beautiful scenery up there.  Sad to say I haven't travelled much in Michigan though I really would like to.

It was beautiful out and lovely enough that we walked along the lake shore where there were people playing and then walked along where there were some unique shops.  Places like this remind me of England.  We ended up buying some Cherry goods - this area is well-known for growing cherries.  We also ended up trying to find the Lighthouse.  We didn't end up finding the one we wanted to but we did find another lighthouse called Mission Point Lighthouse.  It was at the end of a penisula.  There were spectacular views along the way.  The area was covered with farms and wineries. 

I've included some pics below.

This is a picture from the drive up. Yes, I made Hubby pull over to side of road.

The three of us - Hubby, Daughter and myself.

Mission Point Lighthouse and the area surrounding it.  We thought it would be fun to walk in the sand/rock area.  There were other people walking.  Unfortunately some of the area was like mud and for a moment I thought I was sinking!  It didn't smell too good either lol. 

25 September 2011

X Factor USA

I've got to admit I LOVE X Factor.  I always watch it when I'm home in England and I try to catch it on YouTube when I can.  I was doing a happy dance when I heard it was coming to the US and I was doing a jig when I heard Simon Cowell was coming back to tv.  I didn't watch American Idol last season.  I liked how honest Simon was on it - perhaps blunt sometimes but honest. 

The highlight this week had to be Melaine Amaro.  FANTASTIC - goosepimples danced up and down my arms. 

Check out the video (hope the link works!)

23 September 2011

Happy Birthday J

It is my middle son's birthday today.  He turned 20 years old.  I can't believe how time has flown.  He was born in New Mexico, the first year I came to America.  I was 21 years old, loney and scared.  I wanted my Mum to be near me.  I don't think I appreciated how much family meant until the time when I left.  Thinking back now I wouldn't have come to America if I had known how I would feel.  Still that's another subject. Just one more thing - it's not that I don't like America, there are some terrific people here, but it still doesn't feel like home after all these years and it is SO hard to be away from family.

Anyway back to J.  He's a great young man.  Of my three kids he is the one who is the most changeable.  The other two are pretty mellow, they go with the flow and don't seem to be bothered by much of anything.  J has had a harder road.  He was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was in sixth grade.  Middle school was VERY bumpy - I wasn't sure we would make it through.  High school was actually a little easier.  He is very high-functioning.  In High school he 'discovered' journalism.  It is what he majors in at Uni and has also shown interest in politics.  He can be the most thoughtful of kids - bringing me chocolate and music just because, yet at other times he can be brash and changeable.  I am so glad to have had him. 

We only had a small gathering.  My hubby's family is small and the two main characters are out of town on a geneaology holiday.  We're getting together next weekend.  Anyway we gave him gifts, sang Happy Birthday over a cake (out of tune I might add) and the five of us celebrated.

Happy Birthday J.

22 September 2011


I got through the dentist appointment.  My mouth is sore and a little achy but it's over and done wtih.  Another bit done.   I'm sleepy and I have a massive headache (not sure if it's from not eating, stress or from medicine). 

My next appointment isn't until Dec 1st and that's only for a cleaning - I get worried before hand but nothing like this (thank goodness)

21 September 2011

Dentist and Books (a little rambling really)

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.  More work.  I am really, really dreading it.  I've been thinking for a week of canceling but I've forced myself not to.  Only a scale of 1-10 of hating the dentist and anxiety I'm at a 9.  Chicken of me?  Perhaps.  Up until last year it had been a few years since I had been.  I made myself go.  It was really a goal.  I could keep putting it off and REALLY regret it (yes it was getting to that point) or I could go.  I ended up finding a really great place.  It's all women and they are very understanding.  I don't find it particularly painful and once I'm there I'm okay it's just the thought of going.  I can feel my heart pounding and my anxiety level rising just writing about it.  I won't cancel.  It would just be putting it off.  I can't wait until it's over though!

Books - ahhh I can better just thinking about them and escaping within one.  However I have A LOT of them (yep not kidding).  I'm not at the hoarder level but I could see myself getting that way if a) I had the room and b)if I didn't like a little space.  The books in our house are out of control.  I don't think there is one room in the house that doesn't have a book in it (perhaps the bathroom).  Since I got my kindle I've been trying to sell my books to buy replacements of my favourites for my kindle.  I've also been sorting out those I can live without.

Last weekend I took 3 boxes to the library bookshop.  I sort of slid back by buying at least 8 more from the shop. Not good, but they are really cheap .50 to $1.  I do have another 2 boxes to take down.  Perhaps this time I'll just drop them off and not go inside :)

18 September 2011

Growing colder and darker - brrr

I love the cooler days of Autumn and the beautiful colours, but I know it's only a matter of time before it gets REALLY cold and then the (dreaded) snow starts.  I'm not a great snow lover - never was - and I don't find anything 'fun' about being out in the stuff for long periods of time. 

I'm in the mood for some Halloween stitching (I think).  I pulled out a couple pieces (yes, they are unfinished) that I stitched a while ago.   I especially like the YIKES design.  Sadly I can't remember the designers for either of them. 

16 September 2011

Another little finish

Here's a small piece I finished.  It's by The Stitcherhood and is called R.I.P  Check out their website for other designs.  They have some Pagan-themed cross stitching designs too - quick and easy!


Gone from having the air on last week to being tempted to put the heat on this week!!!!!

I'm trying, trying, trying hard not to turn anything on.  My boss at work said he gave in and turned his heat on.  I'm wrapped up in my chair with a sweatshirt and a blanket.  I've already had veggie cup-a-soup and took a bath to warm me up. 

12 September 2011

Eric or Bill???

All you True Blood fans out there will know what I'm talking about.  Yes.  It was the True Blood season finale.  I won't give anything away, but it didn't disappoint.  I've been a fan of Sookie Stackhouse waaayyy before HBO finally got around to filming.  I loved the books way back in the beginning.  The books are a lot tamer than the series.  I'm sad the season is over - nothing to look forward to watching Monday after work.  Sigh.  Sadly it's on after my bedtime on Sunday night so I always wait until Daughter comes home from school so we can watch it together - along with middle son who is also a fan. 

I did cringe at the way Holly pronounced Samhain.  Yikes. 

Oh I did finish my mini Halloween freebie yesterday while watching Waking the Dead, but have yet to take a pic.  Will take one tomorrow after work.  It's almost my bedtime now.  Sigh.

10 September 2011

Well, Autumn is coming...

I can feel it in the air.  Autumn is coming.  The nights are drawing in - it's actually dark when I go to bed at night and it's chillier in the morning when I get up for work.  The air is getting colder.  Today was a dreary Saturday.  It was drizzling when I dropped Daughter off at her volunteer project.  She participates in a club at school called Peace Jam and they were cleaning up a neighbourhood today - washing windows - as part of the volunteer day commerating the Sept 11th anniversary.

Hubby worked on the porch.  It's been needing to be re-screened for a while now.  It's one of those projects that just seems to keep being put off.  It's finally finished.  He made removable screens so that he can put thick plastic on them for the winter.  There's a bunch of stuff on the front porch - books to be taken to the library book shop and other stuff to be taken to the thrift shop for donation.  I've thought about having a garage sale, but like everything else time seems to fly and now the stuff just needs to go.

I've finished another stitching piece - the Dragon Dreams design I posted a pic of in my last post.  I have a couple more 'freebie' designs picked out (one Halloween and one Yule) and then I think I'm going back to working on my large project.  I'm building up to it.

Oops now that I've looked at it I realise it's missing the A SPOT OF TEA wording on it.  Hum, not sure if I'm going to add it or not.

06 September 2011

Back to School...

It was the kids' first day back at school.  Half a day for daughter - a senior in High School this year and full day for sons in Uni.  I'm SO glad it was a 1/2 day.  Got home - daughter was at back door and couldn't get it open.  Silly lock got stuck again.  Had to pull out a ladder and have her climb through a window.  Not sure what I would have done if she wasn't home.  The space to fit through is small and she's a lot skinnier than me!

Tomorrow I have a day off and everybody will be gone for a while - it will be nice! Can't remember the last time I was home alone.  I won't have a car either as daughter is planning on driving to school.  She's the Editor of the school newspaper and is staying after to talk to her Journalism teacher.  Nice excuse not to go anywhere :)

Got started on a new stitching piece.  This one is a Dragon Dreams freebie called A SPOT OF TEA.  It is designed by Jennifer Aiken Smith.  She has such wonderful designs.  Check out her website and her blog.