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28 November 2011

One thing after another....

My two oldest go to University and share a car.  It broke down a couple weeks ago - they fixed and now has broken again.  Don't think there's much point putting more money into the car BUT they will be using mine until they can figure something else out.  I was sharing mine with DD who got her licence this summer so now instead of sharing with 1 person I'm sharing with 3.

DD tells me she needs $250 to secure her place at University.  She has worked really hard in High School so I really need to find the money to do this.  She has been accepted but needs to sign up for orientation early next summer.  I was hoping this would wait until after the holidays but apparently not. 

It's been raining like crazy and the puddles in the dirt driveway are getting deep and numerous!

I know things can be worse - it just seems like we take one step forward and two steps back.

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