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30 April 2013

Update on leg and more experiments

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  I am allowed to work on gradually getting out of the fracture boot.  It's a little strange walking on both feet after six weeks.  I feel a little wobbly and it does hurt if I stand on it too much.  I am only walking without boot if I'm going to bathroom or something small around the house. I'll still wear it out for a bit and work on gradually getting back to normal.  I have five weeks before I go back to doctors and it's around that time that my disability and medical leave end so it works out nicely.  I should be ready to go back by then.

These are a couple more of the embossing and then using distress inks.  I haven't decided how to finish them off yet.

This is one of the quick cards I put together.  I was trying to do the stamping/distress ink patterns and messed it up so I used a small piece as backing for the card.  It's pretty simple but cute (I think).

This is the card (started a few days ago) that I finally added a sentiment too and some sparkles. 

28 April 2013

One finished card and one in progress

Okay, I decided to try again with the stamping/embossing/distress ink thing.  This time I used a smaller stamp not a background one. 

With this one I used a piece of white cardstock and embossed the flower image on top using some clear embossing powder.  I then coloured the whole thing with several of the Distress Inks.  I put a bow around it and a sentiment on top.  I think I might use this one for my Mum's Mother's Day card.

This is the one in progress.  With this one I used a coloured piece of cardstock and embossed the flower image on top and then distress inked.  The patterns are a lot cleared close up.  Not sure how I'm going to finish this one.

I am having fun with this.  I know I'm bound to make mistakes - part of learning - but the thing that's driving me crazy right now is my cutter.  It is a Fiskars and I just purchased it but none of my lines seem to be straight .... ggggrrrrr

27 April 2013


I haven't had much crafty time today but last night I tried out some embossing.  I liked the way it looked but the coverage didn't turn out too well.  I really thought I had the embossing ink over all the stamp and I was very careful about pressing down on the paper really well but my embossing wasn't too good.  I'll show what I did but hopefully tomorrow I can practice some more.

I then used distress ink to ink up the paper.  I did like the way that looked - now if only I could get the embossing to work!


My oldest son graduated from University today!  Yeah!  Couple pics down below.  Congrats to my son !

25 April 2013

Playing with photo editor

I checked out a new photo editor/effects on the web - couldn't resist posting couple pics lol

This is a redone picture of Christchurch Mansion one of my favourite places in Ipswich.  It is a mansion in a local park and a wonderful place to visit.

These are a wonderful lot of Beach Huts.  Great view!

The program I used was

Almost another week over...

It's Thursday!  Today was the last day of Uni for my two sons. The oldest is now done.  He graduates on Saturday!  I am really happy for him.  Now starts the real adventure - looking for work!  He at least has a part time job that has helped him out with cash while at school so he'll have that until he finds something else.

I worked a little on some more Zentangle.  It keeps me busy while I'm keeping off my foot lol.  I'm certainly finding things a little tougher as I go along.  Today's lesson was incorporating different patterns into other ones.  By the way the book I'm working from is One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula.  My only gripe about this book is that the directions sometimes aren't clear.  I am muddling through it but once in a while have to look up the pattern online somewhere.

24 April 2013

More Zentangle and some card making attempts

Yikes, the days all seem to be blending together!  It's been almost six weeks since I had my ankle surgery.  I am still in the fracture boot (so pretty!) but I go back to the doctors on Monday and will see what happens next.  I hope they give me the news that I can be out of the boot!  I can't drive with it on - it's too hard to press the pedals so I have my kids or hubby take me out once in a while.  I am staying off my foot as much as possible so it will heal.  I'll have to see what he says about work on Monday.  Not that I'm itching to go back lol.

Okay here are my latest Zentangle attempts.  I didn't do so well on the last one so I redid it.

I then incorporated those into a larger Zentangle pattern.  The first picture is when I first did it and the second I filled in some of the blank spaces with another tangle.

I think I like the second one better.

The next pictures are works in progress of some card making attempts.  The photos aren't all that good (I will have to retake and replace) but I've taken the boot off and don't want to put it back on to walk and get the camera lol so they will do for now.

Well, that's my creative lot for the past couple days. 

22 April 2013

My Monday experiments

Today I pulled out my Tim Holtz distress inks and some card crafting supplies and did a little experimenting.  The first two are just papers I tried colouring with the ink.  I like the blue coloured one - not so sure about the one with water. 

The next one is an experiment gone wrong.  This was my first attempt. I did the whole blending thing wrong and ended up with lines, tried to fix it and ended up doing it too dark.  I'd already stamped and coloured.  LOL.  Wrong order I know.  I won't toss it though.  I think I'll use it in a journal.

The final picture is my first attempt at a card.  I kind of like it.  I messed up with the blending a little bit but covered it with the sentiment.  I haven't affixed it yet as I am going to buy some dimensional pads to give it a bit of a lift.  Overall I'm pleased.

21 April 2013

Lazy Sunday

My daughter came home from Uni for the weekend so today we take her back to school.  Trip is about 1 1/2 hours up and then back again.  She only has two weeks left of school before she comes home for the holidays :)

My older sons both have their exams this coming week and then Uni will be done for them too.  They both live at home so no difference there.  The oldest one will graduate next weekend with a degree in Criminal Justice - his minors were Psychology and Sociology.  Yeah!  One down and two to go!

I'm going to share a couple things I have been enjoying lately.  One is a great blog.  I LOVE this blog!  The woman here is very creative and her blog is sprinkled with tales of her life too.  I am glad she is posting more!

It's All Fiddle Fart BLOG

The other link is to a bunch of Youtube videos.  This lady does videos on all sorts of paper crafts.  She does a GREAT job of explaining Distress Inks and different kinds of stamping/cardmaking/paint techniques.  There are LOADS of videos.

Britta Swiderski Crafting Tutorials

18 April 2013

More Zentangle

Well I have been doing some more Zentangle.  I'm finding it a little more difficult as I go along but I suppose that's the whole point of it.  It is fun learning something new though.  I like the whole black and white look but can't wait to begin to work in colour.

The next ones I found quite difficult to do.  I didn't like the way they ended up looking when I did them but they looked fine in the book so I suppose it must be something that I'm doing wrong.  Arrrrggggg!  Guess that means I have to practice some more!!

Tomorrow I'm going to try sharing some wonderful videos I found on Youtube.  They are to do with using inks and making cards.  I have to admit to being addicted to them for the last few days!

11 April 2013

Painted paper and Zentangle

I've been trying some more Zenangle.  It's going a little better.  Obviously they are getting a little harder as they go along.  Some of them I really like doing and some I find harder and not as relaxing or pretty lol

I've also been doing some more page painting techniques.  These seemed to work a lot better and I like the way they turned out.  I love the colour purple!  Now to find some bubble wrap...

09 April 2013

Work in progress

I am *trying* out different paint techniques on pages but I'm not very good at it lol.  I really need to read up some more on this.  I'm not so good at blending techniques.  These are - as the title says - works in progress.  I have placed the pics on the page but nothing is glued down.  I am planning on writing memories next to these.  On the London one I did use a stamp I just got - not sure I did that right either lol.

06 April 2013

Yummy surprise

I got a nice surprise in the post today - my Mum sent me a goodie package!  She hadn't said a thing either.  I know she probably sent it to cheer me up after surgery.  I wish I could give her a hug.  Unfortunately it won't be until later this year that I will be able to see her.  I was planning on going to visit next month but because of my surgery I won't be able to go.  If I am out of my boot I won't be up to walking long distances and would LOVE to spend time with her exploring around. 

Here's a picture of my goodies -chocolate and cuppa soup (cream of vegetable).  I can't find the soup in the US and it's such a tasty treat when it's really cold outside.

05 April 2013

2nd Zentangle lesson

Well, I tried some more.  I think I figured out what I was doing wrong when I put the zentangles together - I was outlining and they shouldn't be outlined.  Oh well, live and learn!

On an off note Barnes and Noble is having a great sale on Nook books and it looks as though Amazon is discounting some of the Kindle books to price match!  I am keeping an eye on my wish list titles and hopefully will get some deals.  I did get Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost for $3.49 - great price!

04 April 2013

Zentangle - my first try

I've been meaning to give Zentangle a try for a while.  I'm not sure I'm going to be any good at it, but I have plenty of spare time so what the heck!  Here are my first attempts - first my practices and then putting some together.

03 April 2013

Quick Cross Stitch

I finished this little piece this morning.  It is called Spells and is by The Stitcherhood.  It was in a Just Cross Stitch magazine.  Not sure if it was the Halloween Special or not.  Not exactly seasonal lol, but it was a piece I have kitted up AND I could find a small piece of fabric for.

02 April 2013

Great Book

I ordered the below book - it's in the bargain books at Amazon right now for $10 - after 'borrowing' it for my kindle and liking it so much.  If you are a Prime Member at Amazon the book is available to borrow. 

It's got lots or really clear step-by-step instruction which is precisely what I need! LoL! 

I have actually started stitching something!  I was well prepared with the floss and the patterns but I forgot to pull out the fabric for each pattern!  Now I can't remember where I put it all!  I can't pull things around too much due to lack of mobility but I managed to scrounge up some smaller pieces of fabric for a couple of the smaller projects I had kitted up.