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24 April 2013

More Zentangle and some card making attempts

Yikes, the days all seem to be blending together!  It's been almost six weeks since I had my ankle surgery.  I am still in the fracture boot (so pretty!) but I go back to the doctors on Monday and will see what happens next.  I hope they give me the news that I can be out of the boot!  I can't drive with it on - it's too hard to press the pedals so I have my kids or hubby take me out once in a while.  I am staying off my foot as much as possible so it will heal.  I'll have to see what he says about work on Monday.  Not that I'm itching to go back lol.

Okay here are my latest Zentangle attempts.  I didn't do so well on the last one so I redid it.

I then incorporated those into a larger Zentangle pattern.  The first picture is when I first did it and the second I filled in some of the blank spaces with another tangle.

I think I like the second one better.

The next pictures are works in progress of some card making attempts.  The photos aren't all that good (I will have to retake and replace) but I've taken the boot off and don't want to put it back on to walk and get the camera lol so they will do for now.

Well, that's my creative lot for the past couple days. 

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