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21 April 2013

Lazy Sunday

My daughter came home from Uni for the weekend so today we take her back to school.  Trip is about 1 1/2 hours up and then back again.  She only has two weeks left of school before she comes home for the holidays :)

My older sons both have their exams this coming week and then Uni will be done for them too.  They both live at home so no difference there.  The oldest one will graduate next weekend with a degree in Criminal Justice - his minors were Psychology and Sociology.  Yeah!  One down and two to go!

I'm going to share a couple things I have been enjoying lately.  One is a great blog.  I LOVE this blog!  The woman here is very creative and her blog is sprinkled with tales of her life too.  I am glad she is posting more!

It's All Fiddle Fart BLOG

The other link is to a bunch of Youtube videos.  This lady does videos on all sorts of paper crafts.  She does a GREAT job of explaining Distress Inks and different kinds of stamping/cardmaking/paint techniques.  There are LOADS of videos.

Britta Swiderski Crafting Tutorials

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