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28 April 2013

One finished card and one in progress

Okay, I decided to try again with the stamping/embossing/distress ink thing.  This time I used a smaller stamp not a background one. 

With this one I used a piece of white cardstock and embossed the flower image on top using some clear embossing powder.  I then coloured the whole thing with several of the Distress Inks.  I put a bow around it and a sentiment on top.  I think I might use this one for my Mum's Mother's Day card.

This is the one in progress.  With this one I used a coloured piece of cardstock and embossed the flower image on top and then distress inked.  The patterns are a lot cleared close up.  Not sure how I'm going to finish this one.

I am having fun with this.  I know I'm bound to make mistakes - part of learning - but the thing that's driving me crazy right now is my cutter.  It is a Fiskars and I just purchased it but none of my lines seem to be straight .... ggggrrrrr

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