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30 April 2013

Update on leg and more experiments

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  I am allowed to work on gradually getting out of the fracture boot.  It's a little strange walking on both feet after six weeks.  I feel a little wobbly and it does hurt if I stand on it too much.  I am only walking without boot if I'm going to bathroom or something small around the house. I'll still wear it out for a bit and work on gradually getting back to normal.  I have five weeks before I go back to doctors and it's around that time that my disability and medical leave end so it works out nicely.  I should be ready to go back by then.

These are a couple more of the embossing and then using distress inks.  I haven't decided how to finish them off yet.

This is one of the quick cards I put together.  I was trying to do the stamping/distress ink patterns and messed it up so I used a small piece as backing for the card.  It's pretty simple but cute (I think).

This is the card (started a few days ago) that I finally added a sentiment too and some sparkles. 

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