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25 April 2013

Almost another week over...

It's Thursday!  Today was the last day of Uni for my two sons. The oldest is now done.  He graduates on Saturday!  I am really happy for him.  Now starts the real adventure - looking for work!  He at least has a part time job that has helped him out with cash while at school so he'll have that until he finds something else.

I worked a little on some more Zentangle.  It keeps me busy while I'm keeping off my foot lol.  I'm certainly finding things a little tougher as I go along.  Today's lesson was incorporating different patterns into other ones.  By the way the book I'm working from is One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula.  My only gripe about this book is that the directions sometimes aren't clear.  I am muddling through it but once in a while have to look up the pattern online somewhere.

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