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30 November 2011

Squirrel pic

I don't think I've shared this before but I was looking through pictures to print for a calendar I always make for my Mum and I came across this pic my DD took while we were in England this summer.  It was such a LOL moment. 

This squirrel was rooting around in the bin looking for food and popped out with this chip amongst other things.  It was so funny to watch and DD got some cute pics including this one. 

Some pics I took this morning....

...snow.  I like the look of the stuff but I hate driving in it. Lucky for me I didn't have to go out in it this morning as it's my day off.

This last one is of our last year's Yule tree.  We're going to do the same this year and plant it in the front garden. 

28 November 2011

One thing after another....

My two oldest go to University and share a car.  It broke down a couple weeks ago - they fixed and now has broken again.  Don't think there's much point putting more money into the car BUT they will be using mine until they can figure something else out.  I was sharing mine with DD who got her licence this summer so now instead of sharing with 1 person I'm sharing with 3.

DD tells me she needs $250 to secure her place at University.  She has worked really hard in High School so I really need to find the money to do this.  She has been accepted but needs to sign up for orientation early next summer.  I was hoping this would wait until after the holidays but apparently not. 

It's been raining like crazy and the puddles in the dirt driveway are getting deep and numerous!

I know things can be worse - it just seems like we take one step forward and two steps back.

25 November 2011

Stitching projects FINISHED!

This is my finished Teacup Pincushion.  Turned out quite nicely.

My framed Tea picture.  I laced it myself and framed.  I like this!

Stitchy Kitty Ornament. 

I'm not that sure of this one.  I like the stitched design but am not too happy with the finish.  I'm not messing with it again.  I've redone it three times now!  The cording I got didn't end up looking very good as a tassel.  The first lot had a cardboard bit in the middle so I had to unpick and this one won't lay flat!  I tried ironing it between other fabric but no luck. 

I almost finished another ornament but am waiting on buttons.  They are supposed to come this week.


It's another one of those how-time-flies catch up sessions! 

I can't believe I haven't posted in three weeks!  How time flies when you're having fun.

The good news is that I've actually got some holiday projects done.  Can't believe it.  I'm going to take pics and post.  I still have more to go but as it's not yet Decemeber I'm doing well - for me!

Went out briefly today.  I couldn't bring myself to get up ultra early.  I get up at 2.40am every day and couldn't see getting up early on my day off as well!

DD and I did go to the library.  They had a 'Gift Book' sale.  Our library has a bookstore on the lower floor where people can donate used books and the bookstore sells them to fund different programs at the library.  You can find really neat, newer books there all the time.  It's a favourite place of mine - not just to buy but I donate some used books there too.  The books are really cheap - most are 50cents to $1 - can't beat that.  The 'Gift Book' sale has higher end, nicer books that look brand new.  DD picked up a few teen books and I found a hardcover copy of The Help for $2 and a newer J R Ward Hardcover for $2.

After that we did go to Walmart.  I picked up a couple DVDs that were still on sale.  Later middle DS wanted to go to Toysrus and because there car is broken I offered to take him.  Our JoAnn Fabric store is right next to Toysrus so I went in there.  WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!  It was PACKED!  I was going to pick up a couple things but the queue was right to the back of the store and most people had cartloads of stuff.  The sale is still on tomorrow so if I am up early enough I might pop over then. 

Hubby and oldest DS are out hunting again.  Groan. Hunting season is almost over.  Thank Goodness. 

05 November 2011

Stitching Saturday

I started the Teacup Pin Cushion a couple days ago and had hoped to get it finished today.   Netflix has just added Rosemary and Thyme to their Instant replay selection so I popped on the old telly and a little bit of mystery and picked up my stitching.  I am happily stitching along when I realise that when I went to purchase the floss needed for the project I was missing one colour and would just 'pick it up later'.  Did I?  No.  I have no way to get around today so can't go get the one colour.  I have finished everything I can.  I will pick up the floss tomorrow when I have to take DD to her hair appointment. 

X factor Results

Can't say I'm sad to see InTENsity go.  They weren't bad - especially since they were just put together BUT I couldn't see a lot of big commercial success for them AND there were better people on the show.  On to next week now...

03 November 2011

X Factor USA

Who's going home?  I think it should be one of the groups.  They have to be the weakest.

My favs are Drew, Melanie, Chris and Josh - have to say Marcus did a good job last night.  I hadn't thought much of him before but last night there was something about him.  I know people like Stacy, but I just can't get into her.  She's more of a gospel singer than someone you'd see on the charts.  There are a lot of people around like her - maybe with not such a strong voice - but like her all the same.  Astro - still not a fan. He's a good performer but a little cocky for my taste.  He'll be around for a while.  I certainly don't think he should be one of the first to go home. 

I'll have to check out a website spoiler in the a.m as I have to toddle myself off to bed.  2.40am rolls around waaaaayyyy too soon.