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03 November 2011

X Factor USA

Who's going home?  I think it should be one of the groups.  They have to be the weakest.

My favs are Drew, Melanie, Chris and Josh - have to say Marcus did a good job last night.  I hadn't thought much of him before but last night there was something about him.  I know people like Stacy, but I just can't get into her.  She's more of a gospel singer than someone you'd see on the charts.  There are a lot of people around like her - maybe with not such a strong voice - but like her all the same.  Astro - still not a fan. He's a good performer but a little cocky for my taste.  He'll be around for a while.  I certainly don't think he should be one of the first to go home. 

I'll have to check out a website spoiler in the a.m as I have to toddle myself off to bed.  2.40am rolls around waaaaayyyy too soon. 

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