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22 April 2013

My Monday experiments

Today I pulled out my Tim Holtz distress inks and some card crafting supplies and did a little experimenting.  The first two are just papers I tried colouring with the ink.  I like the blue coloured one - not so sure about the one with water. 

The next one is an experiment gone wrong.  This was my first attempt. I did the whole blending thing wrong and ended up with lines, tried to fix it and ended up doing it too dark.  I'd already stamped and coloured.  LOL.  Wrong order I know.  I won't toss it though.  I think I'll use it in a journal.

The final picture is my first attempt at a card.  I kind of like it.  I messed up with the blending a little bit but covered it with the sentiment.  I haven't affixed it yet as I am going to buy some dimensional pads to give it a bit of a lift.  Overall I'm pleased.

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