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02 May 2013

What happened to Spring??!!!

Yesterday and today it looked like we have skipped spring and gone straight into summer.  It has been sunny and hot enough that we have all the windows open and the kids are complaining their upstairs bedroom is already too warm.  It's supposed to cool down a little bit though.

This weekend there is a large neighbourhood garage sale that we usually go to.  Daughter is coming home from Uni tomorrow so she'll be tagging along with hubby and I.  Hope the weather stays good for at least Sat.

The above are my latest attempts at Zentangle.  I did not enjoy doing these at all.  I found them difficult and did a whole bunch more that were completely wrong.  Don't know what it is about them that I couldn't quite get.

The above is my latest card attempt.  The stamp bit is cut out and mounted with 3D mounts.  It wasn't supposed to be like that but I got ink on the paper I had stamped on so decided to try and salvage and cut out.  I quite like it.  I have to mount on a card but I want to go get some plain white or coloured larger ones. 

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