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05 December 2011


Sometimes I just get in the mood to read blogs.  There are a couple I like to check in with and more that I tend to travel around.  It's so interesting to read about people's travels and lives.  I tend to look for frugal blogs - hoping to be inspired - and espeically those situated in England - helps alleviate the homesickness.  Usually at this time of year I get a little down.  Everyone is going on about how important it is to spend time with family and most of mine is so far away and I miss them.  I call Mum on Christmas Day.  She usually spends the day at my middle sister's house.  When I ring them they have already had their Christmas Dinner, the wine has been flowing and they are usually taking a break before eating the Christmas Pud.  I can hear the laughter in the background and wish that I was there.  My family is quite large, they laugh a lot (and tend to drink quite a bit!).  My Hubby's family is smaller, quieter and drink rarely flows.  I haven't spent a Christmas home in twenty years. 

I try to keep things upbeat for my 'kids'.  When they were little I tried to keep busy and tried not to cry in front of them when I got really homesick.  I hate the song I'll be Home for Christmas.  I won't be.  Oh I love my kids and hubby dearly and wouldn't spend a Christmas away from them, but I have hopes that when they move on with their lives I can at least spend one more Christmas home with my Mum and sisters and their families.

Deep breath. Anyway on an upbeat note, here are a couple of the blogs I absolutely LOVE

This is a GREAT blog about a woman in her sixties who retired early and about the travels she goes on.  I envy her.  She goes on travels around her part of England, taking pictures and walking the hills and valleys.  There are some FANTASTIC pictures on her blog.

Living a Frugal life.  I enjoy reading this one.

No, this isn't a link to my own blog, but a link to another Ex-Pat though I think she's made it back to England!

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