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03 December 2011

DECEMBER already?

This year feels like it's flown by!  I can't belief it's the beginning of December already. This is not one of my most favourite times of the year.  I am not a snow person yet I moved to a place that gets a LOT of snow.  I usually wish away the weeks and count the days until the time between snowfalls get longer and longer.

I've been doing some more stitching to give away as gifts.  I hope people appreciate the thought and time that went into a project but most people don't realise the time it takes to make a homemade gift.  I'm sure others who are crafty/creative encounter the same thing.  I haven't made gifts for a while partially because of that fact.  There are some people I woudn't give a handmade gift to even though IMO a handmade gift usually has a lot more thought put into it.  I have picked out patterns to stitch that match the person I am stitching them, I have spent precious time stitching the items and I hope people appreciate them.  Sometimes it takes another crafty person to appreciate a handmade gift. 

This is from a STITCHY KITTY free design.  For a while now my mother-in-law has been inviting an older woman from their community to spend the holiday with us.  She loves dogs and I think she'll really like this.

I've finished stitching this one but have yet to make it into anything. 

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