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28 December 2011

Phew - I'm glad it's OVER!

I am glad it is finally over.  I was lucky enough to have Saturday, Sunday and Boxing Day (Monday) off.  I was so glad to have the Monday off.  It was nice to do absolutely nothing.  Well, I did vacuum, but other than that I sat in my chair in my lounging clothes and read.  It's the first time in weeks I've done a lot of nothing. 

Work was HORRIBLE last week.  Customers were grumpy and rude and it was crazy busy.  People were so impatient.  You would think some of them had been waiting for ages, but if they came up to the desk with a couple items and they had to wait (it is a Service Desk afterall and people are buying money orders, lottery, returning items etc) they would get really rude.  Duh, try the Express Lane - it might be quicker!  And if one more person would complain they were in a hurry on Christmas Eve I would have decked them.  Really?  And nobody else is in a hurry or has somewhere else to be?  Grrrr.....

We have a couple days reprieve before the New Year shopping frenzy begins.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun. People can be so awful at the holiday times. It seems to me that no one thinks of anyone else anymore. It's just awful.