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20 December 2011

My Baby turned 18

Yesterday my baby turned 18.  A milestone for her and for me.  I now officially have no more 'children'.  They are all considered adults.  How old does that make me?  Yikes. 

I remember the day she was born.  She had been a surprise baby, unplanned, but welcomed all the same.  After the last one I wasn't sure I wanted any more.  The labour had not been good and when I found out I was pregnant with DD I was scared.  I left it a long time before going to the hospital - the last time the hospital had been the worst of it.  I almost left it too late! 

She was born while I was still wearing my winter coat - it's cold here in Michigan.  We made it to the hospital and up to the labour room but there it stopped.  We had chosen not to find out whether the baby would be a boy or a girl and she was a great surprise as we already had two boys. 

She was the best surprise I have ever received.  She's a great young woman, smart and confident.  Come June she will graduate from High School and in the Autumn she will be heading out on her own to Uni. 

Happy Birthday DD!

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