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10 September 2011

Well, Autumn is coming...

I can feel it in the air.  Autumn is coming.  The nights are drawing in - it's actually dark when I go to bed at night and it's chillier in the morning when I get up for work.  The air is getting colder.  Today was a dreary Saturday.  It was drizzling when I dropped Daughter off at her volunteer project.  She participates in a club at school called Peace Jam and they were cleaning up a neighbourhood today - washing windows - as part of the volunteer day commerating the Sept 11th anniversary.

Hubby worked on the porch.  It's been needing to be re-screened for a while now.  It's one of those projects that just seems to keep being put off.  It's finally finished.  He made removable screens so that he can put thick plastic on them for the winter.  There's a bunch of stuff on the front porch - books to be taken to the library book shop and other stuff to be taken to the thrift shop for donation.  I've thought about having a garage sale, but like everything else time seems to fly and now the stuff just needs to go.

I've finished another stitching piece - the Dragon Dreams design I posted a pic of in my last post.  I have a couple more 'freebie' designs picked out (one Halloween and one Yule) and then I think I'm going back to working on my large project.  I'm building up to it.

Oops now that I've looked at it I realise it's missing the A SPOT OF TEA wording on it.  Hum, not sure if I'm going to add it or not.


  1. He's cute, but there's a lot of empty space above him. I'd put the words in, if it were me. Grats on the (almost) finish!! Glad your dh got the screens done. And it's good to hear about young people doing volunteer work.

  2. Thanks Julie! I think I will add it. You're right - there is a lot of space above him.