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03 September 2011

Finished Cross Stitch!

It's been a while since I stitched and longer still since I finished anything.  I FINALLY got a piece started and finished. 

My Mum loves to drink tea.  I know, classic English stereotype.  It's amazing how many Americans are shocked that I don't like tea but that's another subject.  Anyway I picked out a piece from a British Cross Stitcher mag a while ago with plans on stitching it for Mum's birthday.  I did get it finished - her birthday is tomorrow - unfortunately she lives in England so it won't be there in time.  I decided to save it for a Christmas/Yule present.  I did send her some beautiful red roses through Interflora and ordered a couple books and DVDs from

Anywhere here is the finished piece

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  1. That's really cute. I hope she likes it, and what you sent for her birthday!!