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09 October 2011


Time flew and life got in the way!

We had a whole week of cold weather - the heat in my house actually clicked on one night despite the thermostat being way down.  I woke in the middle of the night to that funny-first-time-of-the-season-thermostat-heat smell.  It hasn't been on since, but I did pull out the electric radiator heater we invested in last year and had it take the chill of a few mornings.

This week has been entirely different!  We had the windows open and the fan on. The whole week has been beautiful and - lucky for me - I had the whole weekend off.  We made plans to go up north to Traverse City (about 175 miles) to take some pictures and just have a day out.  There is some beautiful scenery up there.  Sad to say I haven't travelled much in Michigan though I really would like to.

It was beautiful out and lovely enough that we walked along the lake shore where there were people playing and then walked along where there were some unique shops.  Places like this remind me of England.  We ended up buying some Cherry goods - this area is well-known for growing cherries.  We also ended up trying to find the Lighthouse.  We didn't end up finding the one we wanted to but we did find another lighthouse called Mission Point Lighthouse.  It was at the end of a penisula.  There were spectacular views along the way.  The area was covered with farms and wineries. 

I've included some pics below.

This is a picture from the drive up. Yes, I made Hubby pull over to side of road.

The three of us - Hubby, Daughter and myself.

Mission Point Lighthouse and the area surrounding it.  We thought it would be fun to walk in the sand/rock area.  There were other people walking.  Unfortunately some of the area was like mud and for a moment I thought I was sinking!  It didn't smell too good either lol. 

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