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29 October 2011

Halloween/Samhain baking

DD had a bakesale at school this week - her friend signed her up to help run it so she had to make lots of goodies.  Decided on a 'Halloween' theme - thought they might sell well.  She said everything went so that's good!  Apparently there is rarely a snack line at school so whenever there are homemade goodies they sell like crazy. 

These are bags of Puppy Chow - Crispex cereal w/added goodies.

Cupcakes w/Halloween sprinkles and picks

Eyeball Cake Pops.  These turned out all right.  We were a little disappointed in the melted candy on top.  I contacted the Wilton company and they emailed back promptly and are sending me two new packs of candy melts.  They didn't melt like they should have so chocolate wasn't smooth. 

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