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18 October 2011

X Factor USA

I'm cringing ....bad decisions.... can't believe some of the people who got through and those that got kicked off.  Dexter Haygood?  Really?  What was Nicole thinking? I think her feeling sorry for him interfered with judging his talent and whether he has the X factor.  I'm not sure where this is going.  Simon - Tia whatsit?  Over the blonde girl???  Obviously not thinking at all...or thinking with something else. I like Tia but really?

I think in the end - especially with Paula's choices - they are looking for people who aren't sure of what they are or where they are going and they can mold. 

L.A Reid - the only one I agree with is Chris - there is something about him I really like.  He should have got rid of the rapping kid.  It really bugged me that he critisized the one African American guy who only sang country complaining that he only sang one kind of music, but let the rapping kid through.  Okay so America hasn't seen anything like the kid (sorry can't remember his name) on the singing talent shows, but still....

The Groups ... I can't say I really like any of them.  That has to be the hardest category.

Guess we need to wait and see where this is going...

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