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05 January 2013

New Year - new start

DD goes back to college tomorrow.  So sort of a blah time.  I haven't done much figuring about the new year and goals and such as things have been so crazy.  However once she is back at school and boys are back at school I should have more time to think.

Finished a couple more cross stitch pieces - these are bits I gave to family for the holidays.  Better post before I forget or misplace pics.

The one above I stitched for my Mum.  I picked up the kit when we were at the Knitting and Stitching show in London.  She didn't see me buy the kit so it was a really nice suprise and a nice reminder of our trip together!

The one above is part of a Lizzie Kate design.  I was unsure of what to get my hubby's Great Aunt for Christmas.  She's in her mid nineties and has almost everything she wants/needs.  She goes to church regularly so even though it isn't my type of thing I knew she'd enjoy it.  I shortened the piece a little (due to time and framing constraints) but she really liked it!

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