My Sad, Sad Visitor Counter :(

30 October 2013


I'm joining in WOYWW over at Stamping Ground.  Lots of good links to check out.  I like seeing what other people are up to.

My 'workdesk' (table) is a mess this week.  Hubby has been working overtime but came home to do a simple pumpkin carving for me.  I miss seeing the pumpkins on our front steps - kids are all grown up now. 

I have been working on a couple cards.

This weekend will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  It looks like hubby will have to work but we will go out to dinner.  Our treat to ourselves is a week away (just the two of us) next summer to a wonderful motel up north that we visited with my Mum and daughter.  It seems a long while off but it will be something fun to think about and get us through the long winter!


  1. Happy WOYWW and Happy Anniversary! Believe me - your desk is not messy!

    Cazzy x #99

  2. Love the pumpkin, and a very Happy Anniversary to you & your Hubby. Have a lovely meal, and your desk is looking very creative. Have a great week, Shaz #56. xx

  3. Cute pumpkin! I like your cat too! Happy WOYWW.

    Nancy #101

  4. Great pumpkin :-)
    Happy Anniversary...... as you say - the week away will be something to look forward to :-D
    Many Congrats. xx



    IKE in Greece #63 xxxx

  5. Happy anniversary! We just "celebrated" our 32nd with just a dinner but plan to celebrate a bit more with our kids during Thanksgiving. Cute pumpkin and your desk is waiting for you... LOL! Happy belated WOYWW!
    Carol N #78

  6. Love that cheerful carved pumpkin, how sweet of DH to come home and do it for you. Your desk looks easy for action..and like me, you're thinking forward to get you through the winter..congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary, very special and ai love the way you're going to treat yourselves! sounds perfect to me!

  7. Happy Belated WOYWW. How sweet that your hubby carved the pumpkin. I miss the Halloween parties that I used to hold for the kids. Oh well, we will be grandparents soon! Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary. Ali x #36

  8. Thank you SO much for all your lovely comments.