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04 June 2013

Sad News

Great Aunt Betty whose 97th birthday we just celebrated a couple weeks ago passed away at home yesterday.  She was a great lady.  The last time I saw her she was poorly in bed.  As I said goodbye to her that day she gave me a cheeky wink.  I was thinking then what a woman she must have been in her heyday. 

Sadly there have been some arguments in the family.  She wasn't a poor woman and already people are jumping in trying to grab what they can from her.  They couldn't even wait until she passed away.  She had taken care of everything in a will so hopefully her wishes will prevail.  I am having a hard time understanding why people cannot honour her wishes. 

Her husband died many years ago - before I married into the family.  She was his second wife and although they had no children together, he had children with his first wife.  When he passed away he left most of his money to Aunt Betty, his wife.  That's the reason they are arguing.  My father-in-law's father was Aunt Betty's younger brother. 

I was honoured to have known Aunt Betty.  She was a truly wonderful lady and will be missed. Drinks up for Aunt Betty!

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