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30 June 2013

More Find Your Voice...

My day in five pictures - after an 8 hour work day!

Watching a couple episodes on DVD.

Book I'm currently reading

Went to Michaels at 4pm - they had a get 40% of your regular purchase special.  I picked up an extended cutting pads for my Sizzix and some things for my Find Your Voice project folder.  I'm going to try making a chipboard album - something different and new!

The rainy view out the back window.  DH cooked on the grill but got soaked in the process!

Our desktop.  DD had upgraded it with new video card and power supply and when we had storms the other day she shut it down - it wouldn't turn on again!  Today DS figured out it was the new power supply so they took it out, put the old graphics card in and DD will have to send power supply back where she purchased it from.  She had upgraded it for her SIMS game.  Glad it wasn't anything more than power supply!  Have only had this computer since New Year.  We only bought it to play games on - we have our laptops for other stuff.

That's my life in a nutshell!  



  1. Love your pictures :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ( FYV ) ♥

  2. Thank you! I'm in Kalamazoo though I'm originally from England.