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28 June 2013

Washi Tape and cheap notebook

I saw this interesting idea on a blog so I thought I'd give it a try.  I've been thinking about doing a 'Me' journal.  Someone I knew passed away recently.  She wasn't a lot older than me and had a son the same age as my middle son.  It got me thinking about what I'd want my kids to know about me and my childhood.  My kids are actually young adults now and they don't really think about their parents' history but if they are anything like me they'll find an interest later.  I always hope my Mum will write down some of her memories as she has such great ones - she was a young child in the war in England and can remember some of that time.  I think of all the things she has lived through and all the great stories she has inside her.

Anyway, I am digressing here.  I found this idea with a cheap notebook (I paid .97 cents but you can find these cheaper once the back-to-school sales start).  I got some washi tape - not a lot to be found around here - and gave it a shot.  I have posted the website just below here where I got the idea from and then some of my pictures.

Washi Tape Journal

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